Tomboy Anime Girls

If you’re looking for anime tomboys, you’ve come to the right place. You can find a wide variety of tomboy characters, including Mikasa Ackerman, Haruka Tenou, Yuuko, and Dora. All of them are fun and unique, and have different personalities.

Haruka Tenou

Although she’s considered a tomboy in the manga, Haruka Tenou is actually androgynous. That means she wears both feminine and masculine clothing. Takeuchi even draws Haruka wearing male clothes in the manga, referring to her as being “in male form.” This gender fluidity is carried over into the anime.

As the protagonist of the anime Sailor Moon Crystal, Haruka Tenou is one of the first LGBT characters in mainstream manga. Although her relationship with Michiru was censured in the English dub version of the manga, her relationship with Sailor Neptune made her a great representation of the gay community.

Haruka Tenou had a girly look until she reached high school. This was due to her gender identity being incompatible with her appearance. She eventually settled for baggy clothes and a nerdy look. Unlike the girly girls of the anime, she doesn’t care for making her clothes match her body type or personality.

Haruka has a close friendship with Setsuna Meioh. Haruka is the one who vows to raise Sailor Saturn from an infant to become a full-fledged sailor. While her friend Michiru is a refined lady and has wealthy patrons, Haruka is considered an antihero in the manga.

Another tomboy-inspired anime girl is Miki. She is the romantic rival of Anju Kitahara. She used to be a shorttank. Other tomboy anime girls include Mikuru Asahina, the sporty Nanami, and the shy Miki.

The anime series “Pretty Cure” has an interesting tomboy-inspired dynamic. Each individual Form Change and Cure character has a distinct role in the story. Miki is a tomboy, but she dressed like a girly girl in the first season before changing her attitude. In a similar way, tomboys are often tomgirls in the second season, but they do not always act like them.

Haruka is the most typical tomgirl in anime, with a tomboyish streak, but her character is also a girl with strong personality traits. Her cousin Yuzu is more girlish, but she’s still a tomboy at heart. And there’s a surprising subversion between the two. The two sisters’ relationship is a unique aspect of the series, and one that is very important in tomboy anime.

Mikasa Ackerman

If you’re looking for a tomboy anime girl, look no further than Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. This character began as a meek young girl, but has evolved into an extremely fierce and formidable badass. Her power and fighting skills are simply unreal, allowing her to take down Titans with ease.

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most beloved anime tomboys of recent years. She grew up living with Eren’s family after her family was murdered. While she originally wanted to live a quiet life, her stubborn nature led her to join the military, and she became one of the strongest soldiers in the 104th Training Corps.

She’s a hot tomboy, complete with a wrench and a bandana, and has a variety of weapons, including guns, a crossbow, and a sword. She’s not your typical anime character, but she is funny and cool, and she cares about the Elric brothers.

Mikasa Ackerman is the deuteragonist of the anime series Attack on Titan. She is related to the Ackerman family, which means she is a descendant of that family. She also has short hair and a sexy figure. Her short hair adds to her appeal, and her sexy figure makes her the ideal anime girl for young men.

Another tomboy anime girl is Misty. She has the attitude of a tomboy, but dresses like a girl. Despite her tomboyish appearance, she’s a huge otaku who always watches superhero anime. In the second season, she becomes the lead game designer and pitches a mecha dodgeball game.

Mikasa Ackerman is another anime girl who’s popular among fans. She’s a slender woman with blond hair. She’s not too sexy, but she’s very smart and has a strong personality. She’s also very smart, charming, and cunning.

Another anime girl who’s an otaku is Hajime. She’s always watching superhero anime and always loves to play dodgeball. In the second season, she takes on the role of lead game designer and sets up a dodgeball game for the boys in her high school. She also runs a lemon beach house in Kamakura. She has a crush on the squid girl Ika Musume.


Yuuko is a tomboy-esque character with big energy and an unconventional sense of humor. She has a pale chestnut brown hair with short bangs that point outwards. Her eyes are dark umber and she wears a girl’s school uniform.

Despite her tomboy-esque look, she has an inner conflict about her sexuality and ferociousness. She often breaks into tears when other girls mistake her for a boy. But her tomboy charm and courage make others fall in love with her.

Yuuko is the only member of Trio Sucharaka whose name does not start with an M. She is the most tomboy-like of the three. During her elementary school days, she wanted to be a frilled-neck lizard. In middle school, she became friends with Mai, who moved to Japan from Alaska. While their relationship has a lot of tensions, they often cheer each other up and make each other feel better.

Another anime girl who is often considered a tomboy is Leila Marcus. She is a 20-year-old who loves sports and athletic pursuits. She is also very outgoing, and is fond of riding her bike. She later becomes a chief game designer after pitching her own mecha dodgeball game. She’s an incredibly powerful tomboy, but at the same time, she possesses a lot of humanity.

In Arlong’s manga series, female archetypes of different sexes are well received. This means that anime girls with short hair may also have unique traits that make them appealing. Anime girls with short hair may also have a high level of sex appeal.

The anime character’s short hair makes her stand out among the other tomgirls in the manga genre. She used to have longer hair, but decided to cut it off after talking to Kyon about her appearance. She is also very pale and has beautiful brown eyes. She also enjoys being the center of attention and doing things outside the norm.

As a child, Kyoko was abandoned by her mother and was abused by her stepfather. This man used her for his own gain in the showbiz world. She recovered from the abuse and was able to achieve great success. She is determined to become the best Karuta player, and she aims to see her childhood friend again. She has a spirited personality, and is a classic tale that can appeal to fans of anime.


Dora is an iconic example of an anime tomboy. She dresses like a boy, prefers boyish activities, and rejects social expectations. Although she has a tomboy attitude, she is beautiful, passionate, and a wonderful leader. In this episode of the series, she wears a custom-made armor.

Although Dora is an anime tomgirl, there are some differences between her and Usagi. While Usagi and Sailor Moon are sexy and cute, Dora has an edgy personality. She likes sports and wears men’s clothes. She also likes to drive cool sports cars. She used to dream of being a racer before she became a Sailor Senshi. She also studied cinematography and TV.

Dora’s first appearance is girlish, but by the time she reaches high school, she has an androgynous appearance. This is attributed to gender dysphoria, a condition whereby a person experiences stress due to the mismatch between gender identity and appearance. As a result, she chose to wear baggy clothes and wear nerdy clothing to blend in with her new look.

Touka, another character from the series, is not a girly-girl at all. She has a short hairstyle and doesn’t dress girly. But she does have some girly touches as well. Touka is the first ghoul that Kaneki befriends after her transformation.

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