Tomboy Anime Girls With Boy Hair

Tomboy anime girls with boy hair are a growing trend in the world of anime. Whether you’re looking to add a tomboy look to your girl anime character or simply want to spice up your collection, there are several ways to get the look. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Mikasa, the protagonist of the anime series Bleach, has tomboy hair. Her hair is long and wavy. Her appearance is reminiscent of that of a boy, and she wears shorts and socks. The character has lost her family, and as a result, she grew into a strong female character.

Like Mikasa, Yuri has a tomboy look. Her flame-coloured hair and boyish features are offset by a tank top and cargo trousers. This character is not your typical anime character, though; she is cool and funny. In addition, she’s devoted to her group of brothers, the Elrics.

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most famous anime characters in recent years. She grew up living with Eren’s family after her parents were killed. She later became a serious character, caring deeply about her friends and family. She even joined the army despite her desire for peace and quiet. Her determination made her one of the most capable soldiers in the 104th Training Corps.

Mikasa is another character who has boy-hair and has long hair. Her hair is long in the back and is spiky. She is a talented guitarist and likes to attract guys with her appearance. Unlike her friends, she doesn’t gain weight, despite her slim appearance. She also has purple eyes. Despite being part of a group of teenage girls, she still retains her boy-girl vibe.


Lisbeth is a tomgirl anime girl with boy hair and a strong sense of self. Her blacksmithing skills make her an impressive woman, but she can also be a bit grumpy and aggressive. For instance, she once attacked Kirito after he accidentally broke one of his fine swords. But her aggressive personality is mostly hidden beneath a smile and is disguised as teasing.

She is the most popular tomboy in anime, and she also has the most distinctive hairstyle. It’s pink, and it’s a unique look. She was first introduced in season one of SAO, and she’s been a character ever since. She adds a lot of comedy to the series, which is not always a good thing. Also, she has a similar personality to Rukia Kuchiki.

Another popular tomgirl in anime is Lotte. She has short hair and a blue hair band. Her body is slender and she wears lots of necklaces. She is one of the most popular anime tom girls, and she’s a popular role model among young men. She has a tomboyish demeanor, but like Rukia Kuchiki, she prefers to dress up.

The cold climate made Lisbeth feel uncomfortable, but Kirito offered her a thick mantle. Kirito offered her the quest, and she went with him to the frost dragon’s lair. Then he ordered her to hide when the dragon appeared.

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