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A tomboy anime character is often seen as a female figure with a masculine or feminine character. Although gender roles in our society may be fluid, they are still highly segregated, including the choices made about fashion, media, and recreation. This makes the tomboy an appealing figure for both sexes. As a result, the audience may view minor transgressions by tomboys as “cute.”


Hiyori is a young tomboy from Visored. She has little respect for Shinji and is a robust and aggressive character. She is prone to get picked on because of her looks, but she packs a punch when she feels pushed. Hiyori also looks up to her mother, Hikifune. When the team is in trouble, she shows a nurturing side.

Another tomboy is Noa, who is a police officer and is obsessed with giant robots. She spent her childhood watching Mecha Anime and dreams of being a pilot. Unfortunately, she is only half-competent and tends to destroy property. She has a soft spot for arcade games, which may explain her affinity for smashing things.

Another tomboy anime character is Touka Kashima, a high-school student, and a rebellious tomboy. She has a lust for adventure and enjoys spending time with boys. She even has a cult following, and she is often called a princess by her female fans.

Shinji is a protective friend but never calls Hiyori his ‘first love.’ This is a gag and is used to get a reaction from Hiyori. Kubo makes Hiyori’s actions and reactions tell the story.


Kallen is an ace pilot for the Japanese resistance movement against the British Empire. Her fiery red hair is a sign of her strength, but she is also short-tempered and impulsive. She hides behind a false identity of a shy girl. But her true nature shows up in the end, as she becomes a true warrior willing to sacrifice herself for her people.

Initially, Kallen does not know she has psychic powers, and she questions her existence. However, her friendship with Lelouch prevents him from being exiled and crippled. Their relationship is complicated due to their different personalities and moral ethics. However, they get the time they need to establish a deep connection in expanded materials. This is a rare opportunity for female characters to be given more screen time, as many shonen manga writers cannot write lengthy interactions between their female characters.

Another example of a tomboy is Ukyo, the protagonist of the anime series, a high-school student who despises girly things. While she does dress in boys’ clothing, she is a martial artist, which makes her a compelling character. As a result, she enjoys challenging those who underestimate her. Various personalities characterize her character, and she is often very complicated in romance.

The most common role reversal in tomboy anime is between a girl and a boy. She was once married to a man who called her a whore. Reese and Minami separated so that Kallen could have her freedom. Their relationship ended in divorce.


Despite her gender, Momoe is often mistaken for a boy because of her masculine appearance. She is also brave and has a strong sense of justice. Because of her selflessness, she acts for others and protects those close to her. One example is when she defends her uncle from accusations of sexual misconduct.

While she was raised wearing boyish clothing, Momoe eventually switches to girls’ uniforms and grows her hair short. Her red hair has earned her the nickname “redhead tomboy.” Her adventurous nature and passion for fashion make her an ideal tomboy. She is also a competitive mecha pilot and a sucker for style.

Another character who falls into the tomboy category is Yuu Kashima, also known as “The Prince of the School.” Her short blue hair and green eyes make her a popular idol among female fans. As the quintessential anime tomboy, she has a cult following.

Another tomboy anime character is Winry. She is a prodigy in biomechanical engineering. She loves sumo wrestling and is extremely brave, despite being a girl. Her rival is Ren, who is also a tomboy. This shows that there are no absolute rules about what a tomboy should or cannot do.

A tomboy anime series is often about a girl who is mistaken for a boy. While the girl thinks her crush is wooing her, she is the opposite. She tends to rip off the leg of her four-legged labor.


In tomboy anime, Ryuko is a young woman who is the show’s protagonist. She has short flame-colored hair and green eyes. She aspires to become a prince and win the Rose Princess Anthy’s hand through battle. Despite her youthful appearance, she has much more potential than most people know. She’s a brilliant swordswoman who uses her swords to defeat all her rivals and become extremely powerful.

Other tomboy anime characters include Rukia and Orihime, two girls who subvert the tomboy stereotype. Both of them love cutesy artwork and romance stories. Unlike Ryuko, they are black belt note karate experts. They are also pacifists. However, their relationship is complicated, and they often disagree on the best way to handle certain situations.

In the manga, tomboy anime characters can be very similar to their male counterparts. They can wear various clothing and are often mistaken for either sex. For instance, Shrinking Violet Tamao can be mistaken for a boy, depending on her dress. On the other hand, Kaori is a tomboy compared to Rose-Haired Sweetie Megumi. And the other main character, Motoko, is a typical girly character.

Although Ryuko exhibits tomboy qualities, she is not quite as outgoing as other tomgirl characters. Her childhood has left her a violent and clumsy mess, but that has not made her a tomboy. The only thing Ryuko wants is to find her father’s killer. The anime series starts with her being beaten up at Honnoji Academy and reveals the truth about her father’s death.


Cascading tomboy anime refers to a female character considered more feminine than her gender. Nature is rebellious and does not fear authority. However, she is protective and gets along with the more problematic witches in her class. Her Irish/American heritage makes her protective of others. Casca is also an avid warrior who will jump into any fight.

Another tomboy in the series is Yuuko. She has badass powers, including the ability to smack and clap. However, she uses her passion for good, despite being a tomboy. She is also a rebellious tomboy with short hair and an abrasive attitude.

Winry is the granddaughter of Pinako Rockbell, a neighbor who rescues kids. She is also an expert in biomechanical engineering. She is also a genius at creating prosthetic parts for her friend Edward. In this sense, she is a classic tomboy in anime.

The character is similar to a girl tomboy in her abilities and role in an action-packed mercenary group. She is the third-ranking member of the Falcon and must continually prove herself. Her stubbornness helps her rise through the ranks, and she even takes over the band’s leadership when Griffith is out.


In Ninchijou in tomboy anime, the main character is a female, a young high school student named Yuuko Aioi (a.k.a. Yukko). She has short brown hair and is the main protagonist of the series. The story follows her as she grows up and her friends encounter many perils and adventures in her life.

Her name is an allusion to the word “tomboy” and a nickname. She is the main character of a manga called “Ninchijou” (Everyday Life) and has a male ego based on her appearance. She lusts for rabbits and enjoys the company of her human friends. However, she can be pretty brutal and get into insult rages with customers. She is not the only tomboy in the series. The other main character is Kei, an independent tomboy with a short haircut and a cynical attitude. She hates cockroaches and has a sarcastic outlook.

Yuuko is another tomboy in tomboy anime. She is the protagonist of the anime “New Game.” Her character is a typical tomboy, a girl who enjoys sports and athletics. She is also outgoing and enjoys riding a bike. She even gets promoted to the chief game designer after pitching her mecha dodgeball game idea.

The manga series was licensed in North America by Bandai Entertainment in July 2011 but was later canceled due to downsizing. After this, Vertical licensed the manga for English publication. The anime was released in North America with subtitles and an English dub on July 23, 2019.

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