Tomboy Anime Names

If you want an anime name that is perfect for a tomboy, consider these four popular anime characters. They have cult followings and have a unique appeal. Haruko Haruhara, Hiyori Sarugaki, Nana Osaki, and Sora. All of these characters have unique personalities and are very popular among tomboy anime fans. They’re also the quintessential anime tomboys.

Haruko Haruhara

Haruko Haruhara is a character from a tomboy anime series that is wildly popular. She is a physical beauty and a skilled swordswoman. In this anime, she battles many suitors and is always the victor. She is also the main protagonist, and she has many fans. Here are some interesting facts about Haruko. – She claims to be 19 years old.

– She has flame-coloured hair and green eyes. She aspires to become a prince, and her main goal is to win the Rose Princess Anthy’s hand through battle. Despite her tomboy appearance, she has much more potential than her male suitors realize. In fact, she has attended an all-boys academy, and she’s a gifted swordswoman.

– She has a stoic attitude, despite being a tomboy. Despite her reserved nature, she finds comfort in the journeys through different lands. Though she tends to let things go, she is kind when she is genuinely trying to help.

– Her Rickenbacker is a highly versatile weapon, with gun, axe and rocket launcher modes. She also uses it to fly and open N.O. Channels, and can even use it to hypnotize weak-minded people.

Hiyori Sarugaki

Hiyori Sarugaki is a strong tomboy who can easily take down the members of the soul society with minimal effort. While she often gets teased and picks on for her looks, Hiyori has a lovable side that comes out when needed. She looks up to her mother, Hikifune, and sometimes exhibits her nurturing side during tense moments.

The relationship between Shinji and Hiyori is a complex one. While they are good friends, Shinji is the one who protects Hiyori the most. He was already emotionally unstable when Gin attacked her, but he was still able to console her. When Hiyori apologizes to him for rough housing, he cradles her in his arms. She never needs to apologize, though, because he does not think that Hiyori is serious about her actions. Shinji is her true love, and he doesn’t want to see her suffer.

Hiyori Sarugaki is a former lieutenant in the 12th Division. While she had some respect for Hikifune, she was not a fan of the new Captain, Urahara. Hiyori also did not accept Urahara as her replacement and treated him with disrespect. Hiyori has a short temper and is abusive to others. She also uses Hirako Shinji as her human shield.

Hiyori Sarugaki in tomgirl anime has a strong sense of justice, but she is also a tomboy in other ways. In one episode, she fights the evil Yokozu, a toy bullet. However, she eventually loses the game, as the toy bullet hits her.

Nana Osaki

In this manga series, the lead character is a teenage girl named Nana Osaki. She lives in Japan with her friend Satsuki and has two kids. Nana is a rebel and used to be a member of the band Black Stones. She joined a punk rock band and is the lead singer.

Her cool tomboy style is a combination of men’s clothing and cargo pants. She also drives a cool sports car. Before becoming a Sailor Scout, she had a dream to become a race car driver. She’s also an avid sports fan. While she studied in college, she began analyzing movies and TV, including cinematography.

In her band, the Black Stones, she plays the lead singer Nana Osaki. Her music style is punk, and she has tattoos. She prefers to be recognized for her own talent instead of getting sucked into a traditional romance. She’s a fierce and independent person, but she is also vulnerable to abandonment.

While her look and sound like a goth-punk rocker, her background is much more humble. She was raised by her grandmother, and she was expelled from high school for a false accusation. Today, she’s the lead singer of the band Blast. She’s engaged to Ren Honjo, but she still harbors lingering feelings for the mysterious Yasushi Takagi. But, even though Nana is a rebel, she insists on being her own person and pursuing her dreams.


You might be wondering how you can use the name Sora as a tomboy anime name. There are a few things you can do to make it work. First, make sure the name has an image. Secondly, make sure it’s an anime series name.

For anime characters with a girly name, you can try Yuko Ichihara, the protagonist of “Tsubasa Chronicle.” She is a free spirit, but has a deep knowledge of the world and can be a sensible sage. Another great choice is the protagonist of “Hidamari Sketch.” This character has a good ear and enjoys food. She also shares her name with a flower, lithospermum erythrorhizon.

Another popular anime character is Sora. The character has short flame-coloured hair and green eyes. She aspires to be a prince and to win the Rose Princess Anthy’s hand through battle. Sora used to play football when she was young. She is also a famous swordswoman and defeats all the male suitors.

Sora is also a great name for a tomboy. She has the qualities of a sexy tomgirl, but still is a caring and assertive tomgirl. She might even be considered the team’s mom. Sora is the epitome of a tomboy, but also a tomgirl at heart. Sora is often the team’s leader.


Revy is a Chinese-American woman in her mid-twenties with a tribal tattoo on her upper right arm. Despite her name, she is far from a silly young woman who will save you from danger. Rather, Revy is a ruthless killer who is willing to slaughter unarmed civilians.

Revy is a cold-blooded mercenary who has dark moral beliefs. Revy is also known for being sadistic. She can be a bit cruel, but she also has a softer side and is capable of light communication. In addition, she can have a witty sense of humor. Despite her nerdy side, she can easily beat up big gangsters.

Another anime character with a tomboy anime name is Seishirou, a teenage maid in a rich family. She is the daughter of a man who created the Capsule Corporation and is a genius at biomechanical engineering. Although she dresses as a girl at school, she has many characteristics of a male. In addition, she is a talented race car driver who adores Sailor Neptune.

Revy is also a fan of rock and metal music. She has a personal shootout playlist called the “Jitterbug of Death” which includes songs by White Zombie, Rednex, and Rage Against the Machine. She is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in the original Japanese version and Maryke Hendriksen in the english-dubbed version.


Kei is one of the most popular names for boys in the world of anime. This name has a rich, romantic, and melodramatic feel, and it’s a popular choice for Japanese fans of Tomboy anime. Kei is also a popular choice for girls, because of its romantic implication. The name Kei comes from the Japanese word “kei”, which means “sweet.”

Tomboy anime characters are generally strong but they also have a soft side. One of the most famous anime tomboys is Haruhi Fujioka, who has blue hair and green eyes. Although she’s often picked on for her looks, Haruhi packs a powerful punch when pushed. She also looks up to her mentor Hikifune, and she displays her nurturing side when she’s in trouble.

Another example of a tomboy character is Nana, an anime released in 2006. The anime is about a girl named Nana Osaki, the lead vocalist of a punk band called the Black Stones. She has an unusually punk style, is tattooed, and wears dark colors. As such, she is a tomboy.

Tomboy anime characters can be a little rebellious. While she’s not afraid of authority, she’s also protective and likes to make friends with people. She’s an Irish descendant, and is quick to jump into a fight. She’s also a cynic with short hair and hates cockroaches.

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