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A tomboy black hair anime girl is a cool girl with a rebellious attitude. This type of girl is very different from your traditional girl anime character. These are cool, funny, and caring characters who aren’t afraid to stand out. This article will talk about the characteristics of the different characters and their looks.

Haruko Haruhara

Haruko Haruhara is a black-haired anime girl with a sexy attitude. She claims to be a teenage girl, but looks more like a twenty-year-old. She is a member of the Galactic Space Patrol Brotherhood, and is also an investigator for the Stellar Fraternity. She is a narrator of FLCL, and often wears a cat ear headphone, a red one, as well as an inhibition device.

Throughout the series, Haruko acts as a support to Kana and her friends. She has previously dated Tsukata Kanda of Interstellar Immigration, but moved on after being underwhelmed by his N.O. potential. However, she rekindles her relationship with Tsukata when they both work together in the full-flat finale. Haruko was sucked through an “Naked Focal Point” in the season finale, but was rescued by Tsukata.

Anime fans may be familiar with Haruko Haruhara as the main character in the popular anime series Sailor Moon. She has a striking appearance that makes her an appealing role model. Her short black hair and white shirt make her stand out in a crowd. She is also a big fan of sports. She was a racing fan before becoming a Sailor Senshi. Her interest in sports led her to study film and television.


Chizuru is a tall, clumsy anime girl with a tomboy attitude. While she’s not an academic ace, she’s a talented arm wrestler who beats most of the boys in her school by a wide margin. She often hides behind her tomboy image when boys mistake her for their younger sister. While she’s a fierce competitor, she also harbors a long-term crush on her childhood friend Ryu.

Chizuru has black hair, and is obsessed with giant robots. She grew up watching Mecha Anime, and dreams of being a Patlabor pilot one day. Although she’s only half-competent at flying Patlabors, she’s got a soft spot for arcade games. In fact, she even ripped the leg off a four-legged laborer’s leg during one of her battles with him.

In anime, the tomboy-to-girl division is pretty common, and the character Chizuru is no exception. She’s the tomboy counterpart of Mikuru Asahina, but has a girly side, and a boyish side to her. She’s a fan of anime music and watches anime on the train, and likes to play with her pink plushies.


Ninchijou is an anime girl with short, black hair and a fiery green eyes. She dreams of becoming a princess and winning the hand of the rose princess, Anthy, through combat. She is a renowned swordswoman who easily defeats all her rivals. Despite being a tomboy, she possesses more inner strength than she realizes.

Yuuko Aioi, also known as Yukko, is one of five main characters in Nichijou. She is a highly energetic high school student with short brown hair. She is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series. Her personality reflects that of a typical teenager, having an ego based on her look.

Haruhi’s hair used to be long and grew past her waist, but she recently cut it off and wears an orange-yellow ribbon in her hair. She is extremely attractive and is popular among male fans. Despite her strong personality, she doesn’t really want to interact with conventional people. She is interested in exploring the past and learning more about people who are different from her.


Revy is an Asian-American girl with a tomboyish look and black hair. She’s also a bloodthirsty monster in battle. Like most tomboys, she has a short temper and carries twin Berettas akimbo. But, she has a secret that will make you think twice before you shoot Revy.

Revy is protective of Rock. She fought Chaka after he beat her in a fight, and then lied to save him from the Washimine clan and the Takenaka family. She also calls Revy “Twinkie” in the manga and anime, and refers to her as “Chinglish” in the manga.

Revy is one of the most popular manga characters in the world today. She’s also a tomboy, smoking cigarettes and riding motorcycles. She’s also a good motorcycle driver and has rescued Rock while riding her motorcycle. She’s cool and edgy, despite her shyness, which she uses to hide her real emotions.

Minene Uryu

As an anime girl, it may not be easy to define a tomboy, but these characters are definitely out there. Some of them are more tomboy than others, and you may be surprised to find out just how many of them are transgender. In any case, they all have something in common: they are loyal and fearless. They have also developed a cult following.

The first character that you may recognize is Minene. This anime girl has a slender figure and amazing blonde hair. She is a bit of a tomboy, but she is very smart and cunning. She is a talented assassin, and she is a good tactician. She can also make deductions fast and uses them to her advantage. Although she has a very simple appearance, Minene is incredibly powerful and can do anything she wants to.

Minene is also a great example of an anime girl with a tomboy style. Her hair is purple and she often wears jeans and a tank top. She also has a sleeveless jacket. She also has a purple patch around her eye when fighting. She also shares some common traits with the protagonists of the Zero anime series.

Melissa Mao

Melissa Mao is the main character in the Full Metal Panic! anime series. She is a former marine who is now the second in command of the SRT unit in the town of Mithril. Her specialization is in electronic warfare. She is strong and tomboyish. She is also quite rude and smokes a lot. She is one of the few female characters in the anime who isn’t overly feminine.

Her hair is black and tomboyish. She wears a tank top and cargo trousers. She is not your typical anime character, and she’s a lot of fun to watch. Her character also has a great sense of humor, and she’s very funny. Despite being a tomboy, she still knows how to have fun.

She’s one of the most popular characters in the series, and she’s the perfect tomboy for a man’s woman. Her black hair and tomboy looks make her perfect for action-packed anime series. She wears loose, black tanktops when she’s not on duty. She’s the ideal foil for Kurz Weber, a pretty-boy pervert who makes sad attempts at womanizing whenever the opportunity arises. Tessa Testerosa is also a cute Captain Moe-girl.

Ukyo Kuonji

Ukyo Kuonji is a young, black-haired anime girl with a tomboy appearance. She first meets Ranma when they are both six years old. When she realizes that she is different, she vows to leave her feminine side and focus on her career instead.

Despite her tomboy appearance, she is a sweet and caring character who has a complex personality. She has many interests, and she has a hard time choosing just one. She is obsessed with giant robots and has spent her childhood watching Mecha Anime. She dreams of flying her own Patlabor, though she is only half-competent. She also has a soft spot for arcade games.

Ukyo wears long black hair. She usually ties it back with a hair tie, bow, or headband. She usually wears her chef’s uniform, which includes a short sleeved blouse and form-fitting black pants. She also wears a combat spatula and a gakuran. Her gakuran is medium gray.


Bulma is a popular anime character. Though she is a secondary protagonist in the original anime series, she has gained popularity and is regarded as one of the smartest people on the planet. Bulma has a unique combination of strength and gentleness. She is a brilliant scientist and the second daughter of the founder of Capsule Corporation. Her intelligence and courage make her an excellent partner for Goku.

Her short, flame-coloured hair and sparkly green eyes are a contrast to her stoic nature. She dreams of becoming a prince and winning the hand of Rose Princess Anthy through combat. Though a tomboy, her personality is more complex than she thinks. She was raised by a strict family and attended a boarding school for boys but is still very much a tomboy at heart.

Although a tomboy, Bulma is one of the toughest anime girls ever created. She is the second daughter of the founder of Capsule Corporation and is a formidable opponent. She also has a wry sense of humor, which makes her a great partner for Goku.

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