Tomboy Books by Year

Fictional books have often featured tomboyish characters, ranging from 19th century to present day. To help you choose the right books to read, we’ve compiled a list of tomboy books by year, with the older novels listed first. The table below includes information on the tomboy characters in each book.

Haruka Tenou

In the manga and anime series, Haruka Tenou and the other tomboyish characters were considered very similar. Both characters were described as being emotional and visceral. Despite these differences, they are both strong and confident, and both girls showed that they can flirt with boys.

However, there is one point of disagreement about Haruka. Some fans feel that she is genderfluid, while others see her as a soft butch lesbian. In this regard, the series’ feminist aims are questioned. Moreover, Haruka is not comfortable with being labeled.

Haruka Tenou, otherwise known as Sailor Uranus, is a member of the Sailor Senshi and is one of the four Outer Senshi. She is a sports enthusiast, and excels in sports. She has a passion for motorcycles and racing. She meets Michiru through a friend and is protective of her.

Another difference is the way Haruka presents herself. When she first meets Michiru/Neptune, she is presented as predominantly masculine. Later, however, she is drawn with more feminine details. As a result, she appears to be more feminine when she meets Usagi.

Haruka Tenou also has tomboyish characters. One of these is Chizuru. She wears tank tops with cargo trousers and a bandana. Although she is not a typical anime character, she is cool, funny, and cares for her friends.

Another character with a tomboyish appearance is Amanda. She is a rebel, doesn’t fear authority, and is protective of her friends. She also gets along with the problematic witches in her class. Her parents do not approve of her love for sports, but this doesn’t stop her from being a tomboy.


While most tomboyish characters dislike pink, frilly dresses, and other girly things, some are more open about their girly side than others. Some are even neat housewives and good cooks. There is also the category of “Bruiser with a Soft Center.” These characters have a tomboyish appearance and a mixture of girly and tomboyish interests.

In the first half of the 20th century, tomboy characters often paired up with men and women, but this does not have to be the case. One classic tomboy role was played by Katherine Hepburn in the 1933 film Little Women. Jo set a powerful example for girls. The 1949 version of the film emphasized Jo’s need to serve rather than marry.

Similarly, there are many examples of tomboyish characters from the 1970s. In “Teen Titans,” actress Giulia Marcovallo plays the titular character. In “Cascading tomboys,” tomboyish characters are also a common theme in the cast of The Office. Likewise, in “The Last Days of High School,” actress Jodie Foster plays a tomboyish character named Annabel Andrews.

The media should stop praising tomboys as the only strong female characters. Instead, it should offer a broader range of female characters, and should promote the idea that femininity and masculinity are just as important as each other. This way, more diversity will be encouraged, and female audiences will be more comfortable with the idea of being both.

Minene Uryu

In the anime Future Diary, Minene Uryu is the main character. This series revolves around a battle royal in which the winners of each round possess a future diary that can predict who will live and die in the future. The final survivor becomes the heir of the Deus Ex Machina. The character wears a variety of different outfits. Her standard outfit includes a black sleeveless jacket and a tank top under it. She also wears a gothic lolita dress during her first appearance. She is also haunted by her past, including a memory of crying over her parents’ death.

While the characters in Minene Uryu are usually cute and sexy, they can also be considered tomboyish. Yuri, for example, wears a tank top and cargo trousers. While Yuri’s appearance is not typical of an anime character, her character is cool and fun. She is also caring and loves her Elric brothers.

Minene Uryu also has some characters that are tomboyish, like Runo, who is jealous of her girl friend Julie, and her crush on the male character Dan. She has a giant blade that she hides in her belly. While she is very girly, she still has a strong inner strength.

In addition to the titular character, Minene is the protagonist of the Full Metal Panic! anime series. She is a former marine and SRT’s second-in-command in Mithril, and is an expert in electronic warfare. She is also strong and tomboyish. She is not a typical “goody-two-shoes” character; instead, she is a tomboy who is cool.

Ranma is an anime that was popular in the United States during the 1990s. The main character, Ranma Saotome, was cursed to become a girl when splashed by cold water. He would then turn back into a boy when hot water splashed on him. Another character in the series, Akane, is a true tomboy.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most beloved characters in the anime series Attack on Titan. She began as a meek girl, but as the series progressed, her powers and skills became progressively more powerful. Now, she can take down Titans with ease.

Ackerman combines a tomboyish character identity with a cool, manly one. For example, her iconic wrench and tank top are combined with cargo trousers, creating a look that is anything but traditional anime. Her character is also far from the stereotypical anime character, as she is cool and funny. She is also a fierce swordswoman, proving that she has much more to offer than she realizes.

Mikasa Ackerman is arguably one of the most beloved tomboys of the past decade. After being orphaned by her family, she grew into a serious character. She even enrolled in the military, despite her desire for a quiet life. She subsequently became one of the strongest soldiers in the 104th Training Corps.

Mikasa Ackerman is essentially a teenager with an ego, but she has a strong sense of independence. She is also a talented musician, but she is a tomboy at heart. She loves her music and has purple eyes. She also wears a black suit and has a mechanical right arm.

Mikasa is a tomboy, but she is both hot and a lady. She has short hair and is usually seen wearing a uniform. Her uniform is red, indicating the presence of oxygen and dark red for carbon dioxide. She has been adopted by Claude Ringheart, who trained her to be a hitwoman. She is afraid of being misunderstood, but is devoted to her mission. She has learned to use all the weapons known to man.

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