Tomboy Clothes

Tomboy clothing includes wrinkled jeans, button-down polka dot shirts, heavy construction boots, and a baseball cap. Tomboys may also wear glasses or wear their hair in a side braid or high ponytail. They may also choose to buy their clothes in the boy’s section. Model Cara Delavigne, for example, dresses like a tomboy and wears denim shorts, a blue jacket, and ankle-high black boots. She doesn’t wear any make-up.

Printed tees

When it comes to printed tees for tomboys, there are two major styles to choose from. One is a classic crew neck, while the other is a popover silhouette. This silhouette is looser and has a deeper placket. This style is also more comfortable since the buttons come to half-way down the shirt and can be popped over the head for a fun look.

Denim jackets

Whether you’re a tomboy in spirit or not, there’s no shortage of denim jacket styles that are perfect for layering. The classic trucker silhouette is the perfect choice for layering over tees, button-downs, or cozy knits.

Inflatable vests

Inflatable vests are becoming very popular in the fashion world. These vests can be worn over oversized sweaters or cargo pants. They are also a great match for sneakers and baguette bags. These vests are particularly popular during autumn when it gets cold and you need to stay warm.

A vest can add swag to any outfit and can make your body look less curvy. They are great over sweatshirts or t-shirts and are versatile for any season. Moreover, they stay in style all year round. The best part is that they are very comfortable.

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