Tomboy Female Names For Your Daughter

If you’re looking for a tomboy female name for your daughter, there are a lot of options. Consider names like Ally or Bobbie, which come from Alice and Alison, two very popular English names. Another great tomboy name is Bobbie, which is short for Barbara, a Roman Catholic saint and protector against lightning and fire. It’s popular in many European countries.


Waverly has several associations, from the aspen tree that is associated with the name to the character Waverly Jackson from the movie The Joy Luck Club. Waverly is also the name of a princess in the book ‘The Princess Bride’ by William Goldman. The name is also found in popular culture in the form of TV shows, such as the Disney series ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’ Another notable example of a tomgirl name is the novelist Shannon Waverly, who was born in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Another name that is associated with tomboys is Carson. This unisex girl’s name is pronounced “carson-lee-yun.” It means “little dark.” As a bonus, Carson is also available as a unisex name, Carsyn. For more versatility, you can also choose to give your child a tomboy-sounding first name, like Reagan or Rea.

Waverly is a boy’s name, but it’s becoming more common as a girls’ name, as well. Its literary ring and lilting three-syllable sound have given it a place in the name world. If you’re looking for a name that is stylish and unique, Waverly is a great choice.

Sloane is another girl’s name that originated as a boy, but has recently been adapted to fit a female character. Its meaning is “small lake.” The name was first recorded in 1916 and is one of the most popular Tomboy female names today. It was also used by former Big Brother host Kate Lawler, as it evokes movement. Another example is Katie Holmes, who portrayed Joey Potter in the Harry Potter series. Katie Holmes also used the nickname Josie, which is from the cabaret star Josephine Baker.


Callie is a feminine name with Greek origins. It means beautiful. Before deciding on a name, you should check the current top baby name charts to see which names are popular now. Even if a name is in the top ten now, it could become outdated in a few years.

Callie’s peak popularity came in the late 19th century. The name was at the top of the charts for a few decades, but then fell off the list during the first half of the 20th century. It reappeared during the late 1970s and 1980s, but only at low levels. In the year 2020, Callie is expected to be in the top 200.

Other names that can be used for a tomboy girl include Ally, Alice, and Bobbie. Alice and Bobbie were two famous English names for children. Bobbie, meanwhile, is a short form of Barbara, the Roman Catholic saint who was a protector against lightning and fire. Both names are popular in many European countries.

Callie is an adorable feminine name with Greek roots. Originally, it was a pet form of Caroline but is now a popular choice for a baby girl. ‘Cal’ comes from the Greek word for beauty. Some famous people who have been named Callie include actresses Callie Thorne and Callie Hernandez, as well as director Carolyn Ann “Callie” Khouri. Additionally, Callie Torres is a fictional character on the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Actress Sara RamArez plays Dr. Callie Torres in the show.


If your daughter likes sports and masculine clothing, consider naming her Rhea. The unisex name Carsyn is also a tomboy-friendly choice. Carson, which means “park keeper,” is a fun, unisex option for parents who like to explore parks with their children.

While Rhea remains outside the Top 1000, it has been a popular baby girl name since the early 1900s. It fell off the list during the 1980s, but has been making a comeback in recent years. As of the 2010s, Rhea was given to 217 girls.

People with Rhea are quick-witted and versatile. They love challenges, and they’re not afraid to try new things. They’re also family-oriented, and they value family. They’re not usually very outgoing, but they do value family life. They also don’t enjoy reading, writing, or socializing. People with Rhea names are often independent, but they value the family above everything.

Rhea is a Greek-derived name, and it is usually given to girls. The name “Rhea” is pronounced like “ree-uh”; it is also in the top 250 of NameChef’s most popular baby names. It is also listed in the top 750 in the U.S. birth chart for 2021.

Rhea is a powerful name, but its negative qualities are also significant. A Rhea may be easily bored, and may behave unpredictably. She may also have difficulty maintaining regular office hours. A Rhea is likely to seek a job that offers flexibility and creative endeavors. In addition, she may make repetitive mistakes because of her impatience. She may also need more time to relax and recharge.


Aiden is a popular choice for baby girls and boys. It’s similar in pronunciation to the names Adeen, Adine, Eadan, and Eadin. Aiden is also similar to the names JadenV and Audene. In fact, Aiden was among the top ten most popular baby names of the decade.

This name means ‘little dark one’ and is a common choice for boys and girls. A girl could also be given the name Carson, which means ‘park keeper’. Parents who plan to spend some time exploring parks and playing sports with their kids could choose the name. The variants Rea and Carsyn are also suitable for tomboy girls. Some of these names are popular among parents who want to share their love for the outdoors with their children.

While Aiden is commonly used as a boy name, some parents have decided to give it to their daughters. The name is very common in Europe, but isn’t as common in the United States. Aiden is of Celtic-Gaelic origin, and it is used in several different languages.

Aidan is a name with many meanings. It evokes confidence, charisma, and tact. It is also popular with tomboys. Aidan has a rich history, as the name was originally given to Celtic sun god Aidan. The name has also been popular in the English-speaking world, as Aidan Quinn was the boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.


Logan is a five-letter unisex name that can be used for both girls and boys. It was originally a male surname and has recently gained popularity among both genders in the United States. It is derived from the Gaelic word laoch, which means “a little hollow”. The name is a great choice for parents who are interested in giving their daughters a traditional Irish name.

Logan has a tomboyish and dramatic personality, which makes it a good choice for girls. However, Logan can be inappropriate at times and is known to pick fights. In addition, Logan tends to be shy and may take a long time to make friends. Logan also has hipster glasses and loves cats.

The Scottish name Logan has a pronounced Scottish burr that makes it appealing to boys and girls. In fact, Logan is a national Top 10 name, and has recently risen to the top spot in some states. The name Logan can be a rich choice for a girl, and is the middle name of Jordan Mewes’ daughter, Logan Lee.

Logan is an uncommon female name with an unisex meaning. It has been used as a surname since 1445. It is a good choice for girls who like to be a little wild and have a strong sense of independence. Besides, it is also a great unisex name for boys and girls who love the outdoors.


If you’re having a hard time deciding between a girl and a boy, consider a tomboy name for your little girl. This name has a masculine sound and is an ideal choice for girls who like sports and masculine clothes. As a bonus, it’s also available as a unisex name.

Taylor is a French-derived name that means “tailor.” The name originally referred to a tailor or cutmaker. It became popular in the 19th century because of soap opera characters, and it has been used for both girls and boys. Variations of Taylor include Tayla and Tyler. Since the 1980s, the name has decreased in usage, making it less common.

Although Taylor is a unisex name, it can also be used as a girl’s name. The name is of French origin and was originally used as a job title for a “tailor.” Medieval tailors would create and modify a variety of clothing for the rich. Nowadays, it’s a name used for both boys and girls and is popular with fashion-minded parents. It’s striking and unusual enough to stand out from the crowd.

Although it’s not very popular as a baby girl name, Taylor is popular among young girls. In the 1990s, the name was popular with both boys and girls. As a result, Taylor is a perfect choice for a tomboy girl.

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