Tomboy Haircut For Round Face

You can try a classic bob for your hairstyle if you have a round face. This cut exudes class and elegance and is flattering to most complexions. Choose one with subtle ends and soft curls so it won’t accentuate your round jawline. Bobs that hit right at the chin or slightly below it aren’t the best choice for a round face, though. You can also try a short layered hairstyle.

Angular bobs

Angular bobs for round faces are a practical hairstyle choice for round faces. They create a sleek jawline and add body and volume to your hair. They are flattering and easy to style. To make your hair even more optimistic, use a flat iron to straighten the ends towards your neck. A side-parted bob also enhances your jawline and cheekbones. For round-face women, less volume is required if you have thin hair.

Alternatively, you can also go for a long bob with the angular cut. This style is great for round faces because it shows off the jawline on one side, opening up your face and making you appear more youthful. In addition, the vast length difference keeps your eyes moving down to the ends of your hair, highlighting your neck, shoulders, and collarbones. Another style to try is the pixie cut. It has a long top that visually lengthens the face and makes it look slim.

Angular bobs for a round face can be tricky to wear, especially if you have a round face. However, the right length can give you a more feminine appearance. In addition, a short bob can also give you more height to experiment with your hairstyles. If you have wavy or thick hair, you can create an illusion of length by wearing your hair with a side part. You can use a side part to conceal your cheekbones if you have a low forehead.

Angular bobs for round-face hairstyles can help you make your face look slimmer. Besides side bangs, you can also try a cropped cut for a fresh and contemporary look. A cropped cut with side-swept bangs will add width to your face, which makes your face look longer.

Choppy textured bangs

Choppy textured bangs are the perfect complement to wavy or flowing hair. The style can easily be worn straight or brushed to the side, depending on your preference. This haircut style is easy to maintain and suitable for all face shapes.

Choppy textured bangs will frame your face and help to diffuse the extra roundness. Another type of tomboy haircut for round faces is a curly or choppy bob. This style is popular among ladies who want a look that embodies a retro ’70s look.

Choppy textured bangs on a tomboy haircut for a round face are very easy to maintain and come in different styles. They will make you look younger and sexier. This style is the right choice if you have an edge or want to look rebellious. Adding choppy textured bangs will help diffuse the extra roundness and make the look more versatile.

Choppy textured bangs are an easy way to add extra waves to your round face. To keep your highlights vibrant, you can use Velcro curlers. It would help if you kept your fringe length to two to three inches below your jawline for the best results. This will streamline your face and make it appear longer.

Choppy textured bangs are a great addition to a tomboy haircut. It gives your hair a bounce and lightness. Your hairstyle will also be easy to maintain, as it’s short but long enough to wear up.

Layered short hairstyles

You can try layered short hairstyles if you have a round face shape. Short layers in bob cuts will accentuate the shape of the face. Make sure that the layer on top is several inches more concise than the one on the bottom. This style will give your face an even more beautiful look.

Layered bobs give your face tons of volume. These cuts are easy to maintain and are great for round faces. They are also super texturized. The layered bob with side-swept bangs is one example of a flattering haircut for a round face.

Another short hairstyle that can elongate a round face is a blonde inverted bob. This is an excellent cut for all types of faces. It should have light layers and side-swept bangs. This hairstyle is a classic for round faces and can be styled with a hairdryer.

To make a layered bob look even more flattering, add short bangs. This is an excellent option for those with round faces who want to look more sophisticated but still feel feminine. It will highlight the best features of the round face shape. This style will also look good on mature women with round faces and add to their beauty. You can also try a stacked bob, similar to an A-line bob, but with heavy layering. The short layers will cover the long layers, giving your hair a natural volume boost.

Layered short hairstyles for round faces are easy to achieve and maintain. These styles look great with ethnic or western clothing and are an excellent choice for both young and old. In addition to being easy to maintain, they also look great in any season.

Yara Shahidi’s center-parted curtain bangs

Center-parted curtain bangs are an excellent choice for round faces because they taper to both sides and create a more extended look. These bangs also work great with face-framing tendrils. Christina Ricci, for example, has long, eyelash-grazing bangs that play up her prominent forehead.

Curtain bangs work well with any updo. Hilary Duff and Halle Berry recently wore effortless buns, and Yara Shahidi went for gradual layers. She used R+Co Bleu’s Lifestyler Volume and Texture Spray to give her waves a lived-in finish.

While curtain bangs are still popular among many celebrities, they’ve been updated to be more face-framing and less flipped up. While this style isn’t new, it has gained new popularity with the younger generation in recent years, thanks partly to TikTok videos.

Curtain bangs are low maintenance and can work with most hairstyles, textures, and colors. They also have a shared commitment level since they can be blended into the rest of your hair. Celebrities have mastered this style, including Selena Gomez, who wears long, face-framing bangs with natural curls.

Yara Shahidi’s asymmetrical bob

If you have a round face, you can get a fantastic look by sporting a bob with an asymmetrical cut. This style is easy to achieve by parting hair to one side and adding a little texture to the fringe. This look will frame your face and enhance your features.

To create Yara Shahidi’s hairstyle, start with short hair and add volume to the side. Then, add some braids. You can use thin braids to get to the tips. You can also try wearing a headband.

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