Tomboy Haircuts For Girls With Curly Hair

Whether you’re shopping for a new cut for your little girl or need to find the perfect look, tomboy haircuts for girls have a lot to offer. These hairstyles are easy to maintain, cute, and versatile. Take a look at some of the options below!

Short tomboy haircuts

Girls can have a variety of styles for their short tomboy haircuts. They can choose the short sides and fringe, opt for the messy look, and have their hair long on top and cropped off to the side. The curly look looks best on girls with thick, curly hair.

The curly hair in a tomboy haircut is flattering because it is easy to manage and doesn’t interfere with athletic pursuits. This haircut is also versatile enough to accent a pretty dress. In addition, it can give girls a rocker-chic look. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with straight or curly hair and can be worn on casual and formal occasions.

Another popular short tomboy haircut is the crew cut. This style is effortless to maintain and can be parted asymmetrically. It also works well with wavy and curly hair. You can choose a platinum blonde or grey shade for this hairstyle if you want a casual look. You can also go for a pixie cut, which features a short back with a long fringe. This style looks great on girls with round or oval faces.

There are also many different short haircuts for girls with thick hair. Some girls prefer to have their hair long on one side but short on the other. These haircuts are characterized by cool layers, angles, and chic cuts. They can also be worn naturally or with highlights.

Easy to maintain

Curly tomboy haircuts for girls are one of the most accessible styles to maintain and are versatile in color and style. They look great with many different types of clothing and can be completed in under half an hour. This haircut also looks good with dark hair and can be layered or curled for an edgy look.

Curly tomboy haircuts for girls can be dyed to any color and easily styled. They pair well with many different looks and can be accentuated with red highlights. This style is also great for girls with naturally curly hair because it adds volume to a girl’s head and frames the face.

Another easy-to-maintain tomboy haircut for girls is the pixie cut with bangs. This style gives the girl an edgy look without the need for too much hair styling. This haircut is perfect for girls with both wavy and straight hair. You can use a curling iron to create some curls. These cuts also require minimal styling, making them perfect for the summer.

Tomboy haircuts for girls are trendy and easy to maintain. This style is excellent for girls who want to try different types without spending hours styling them. It can be long or short and can be worn in different ways. Consider wearing a pomp and side shave if you want a more formal look. This style will give you a manly look and keep your forehead open, allowing you to wear makeup more easily.


This versatile haircut can be styled to suit a variety of hair types and hair colors. A funky tomboy haircut is an excellent choice for a girl with long, curly hair. This style is ideal for casual events because it can look messy and rough.

A curly layered haircut is perfect for a girl with thick, naturally wavy hair. The layers create volume and lend shape to the curls. The cut also keeps the hair out of the face while highlighting the eye-catching circles. You can opt for a shoulder-length layered chocolate brown cut to achieve the same effect in a shorter haircut.

A curly tomboy haircut looks great with tanned skin and elongated face shapes. It is also flattering for oval and round faces. The pompadour style is a classic but keeps evolving. It can be worn with or without a ponytail.

Another versatile cut is the blunt cut. It is a popular choice for girls. This style creates a neat, stylish look. The length of this cut is short, which helps it to remain manageable. It is also easy to kind and keeps the curl structure. It also keeps the hair out of the girl’s eyes.

The natural curls of curly hair make it an ideal length for this hairstyle. This hairstyle also frames the face and accentuates the eyes. Their hairstyle is very sexy, and she has dark hair and eyebrows.


Curly tomboy haircuts look great with tanned skin and elongated faces and are good with oval or round faces. A curly pompadour can be styled with a pompadour comb or a holding spray to keep it up.

This tomboy cut can be styled with several different colors. A rich aubergine color with a darker undertone is a great way to add interest and depth to a short bob. Silky blue hair is another excellent option and goes well with fair skin and dark eyes. It adds a perfect note to any look and will go with almost any hair color.

The messy tomboy haircut is cute for a girl with thick, naturally wavy, or voluminous hair. It is short at the back and has long sides and fringe. It is easy to style and requires less maintenance than other hairstyles. This hairstyle also looks sexy and chic with its messy touch.

A mullet is another popular tomboy haircut for girls. This style is often combined with a shag and is also known as a shaglet or muller shag. Modern versions of this style are short, layered, and often come with a side part.

Easy to style

Curly hair can be hard to manage and style, but there are many easy-to-style tomboy haircuts for girls. One of the best styles for this type of hair is a pixie cut with a fringe and an undercut. This haircut is easy to style and requires minimal maintenance, except for adding a curling iron or wand to get the perfect curls.

One classic tomboy haircut for girls is the pixie cut, which is long on the sides and short on the back. To maintain the proportion of the forehead, the hair should be slightly softer at the temples. To make this haircut pixie hairstyle for girls more stylish, mix it with a pixie bang. A layered cut adds emphasis and texture and can be styled with a texturizing product.

To make this hairstyle stand out, choose a hair color that will complement the look you are trying to achieve. A deep red color will look stunning, as well as caramel undertones. An aubergine color is also a great choice. If you have fair skin, icy blue hair will add a chilly note to your look.

A pixie cut is a simple, low-maintenance style for girls with thick or curly hair. You can use gel or spray if you have trouble styling your pixie cut. The pixie hairstyle can be styled in many ways and looks stunning with minimal effort. This hairstyle can look great when paired with a side part or an undercut. It is also a great way to highlight an angular face.


Practical tomboy haircuts for girls with curly hair are easy to create yet still look stylish. These haircuts are perfect for girls with thick, curly, or naturally wavy hair. They have a short shaved back with long sides and a long fringe. The cut can be styled in many different ways.

A tomboy hairstyle brings together a girl’s look’s feminine and masculine sides. It is easy to maintain and looks good with all hair colors. It’s often worn with a fairy or messy bun. It’s also convenient for warm or tropical weather, requiring minimum effort to style.

There are numerous practical tomboy haircuts for girls with curly hair. A chin-length bob shows off the natural hair curls and is easy to style. A tapered bob also shows off circles without being overly voluminous. Long shag hairstyles have lots of layers, emphasizing the face-framing layers. The classic bob is a shorter version of a tomboy cut, and blunt bangs keep the hair out of the eyes.

A short tomboy haircut is another popular option for girls with thick curly hair. It’s a great way to add volume without covering the face, and the shaved sides blend well with tomboy haircuts. You can also add a long fringe for a masculine look.

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