Tomboy Hairstyle 2020

The short tomboy hairstyle is one of the most popular styles for women right now. It gives the wearer a cool androgynous look while adding femininity and elegance to the eye. As with any hairstyle, choosing the style best suits your face is essential.

Short tomboy hairstyles

Pixie cut hairstyles are a popular short tomboy style that is both feminine and edgy. They’re great for all body types and complement triangular faces. The cut is also easy to maintain. You can keep it short without pulling it back, making it perfect for active girls who want a relaxed look for school or work.

A tomboy haircut may be the ideal solution if you’re looking for a short, simple hairstyle that is perfect for spring and summer. This haircut offers incredible volume and easy maintenance while being elegant and sexy at the same time. If you’re interested in a tomboy hairstyle, you’ll love the versatility of the available styles.

A classic buzzcut is another option for a short tomboy. It looks close to a shaved look but without removing all the hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the sultry heat of tropical climates and will make your tresses look effortless and breezy. You can add an undercut or bangs to this cut to give it a modern twist. A buzzcut also requires little or no hair product.

Another option for a short tomboy is a layered bob. This cut works well with a long face, as it looks more textured than straight hair. You can also add braids to add more flair to the look. In addition to braids, you can try an asymmetrical bob to make it stand out. Make sure that the head’s top layers are the shortest. For an even more dramatic look, use a bold color.

Sharp side shave

Try a short side shave if you want a new tomboy hairstyle this year. This short hairstyle gives you a quick ‘do that is surprisingly feminine. You can experiment with the amount of shaving you do and the length of the rest of your hair. Alternatively, you can create a tomboy pompadour using hairspray or gel.

Short pixie hairstyles are also a perfect choice for a tomboy hairstyle. They are low maintenance and easy to manage. This short hairstyle also looks great with a mustache or a long beard. It can also be styled with a short side shave to give you an even more unique look. Short bobs are great for this style, as they can be styled in minutes.

If you have thin hair, this short style is not for you. This style can look great on both straight and curly hair. However, if you have thin hair, you must use styling products to keep it looking its best.


The step-cut tomboy is a versatile short style. It’s ideal for women with fine hair, as it creates the appearance of more volume. However, the proper technique is crucial to achieving the desired structure and volume. It’s also an excellent choice for men, as it can help create a more masculine look.

This hairstyle looks great on both men and women. It’s an excellent choice for men and women who want a little sex appeal without looking too manly. You can accessorize it with fringe, tapered edges, a slick back, or a pompadour. Adding multi-colored chunky highlights is also an option for a more sophisticated look.

Women in their late twenties can try this style, which works well with western outfits. This hairstyle is also great for a casual day out with friends. A short hairstyle is an excellent option for winter and summer months. Consider this style if you’re looking for a trendy haircut for the upcoming year.

Pixie cut

The side-swept pixie cut is sassy and easy to manage. It will be a popular haircut for 2020. A polished pixie is the best choice for those who want to dramatically change their image or add a little style to their hair. This cut can be styled with layers to add texture and edginess.

A pixie cut can be versatile and paired with long or short-side bangs. You can also go with shorter layers and even undercuts. It would help if you also considered the length of your hair and your face shape when choosing a pixie cut. A pixie style can look cute and stylish for a night out.

This shortcut is best suited for people with narrow foreheads. It softens the roundness of your face and highlights your cheekbones. It also makes you look sexy and sophisticated. A pixie cut is perfect for a variety of types of women.

A pixie cut is close to a tomboy cut. It can be styled with soft waves or cropped. This short style is versatile and easy to maintain.

Space buns

The first step to creating a space bun is ensuring your hair is clean and dry. You can use a hair straightener if you’d like to make it look straighter, but it’s not necessary. Make sure your hair is free of tangles and part it in the middle. Then, twist small sections of hair into a space bun.

You can also make space buns even more unique by using colors with a vibrant, fun look. For example, a space bun with jewel tones will look chic and quirky. Feathered bangs or loose curls can add even more character to the face. Complete the look with shiny lipstick and bright eye makeup. Another fun hair accessory is a pair of silver hoop earrings.

The space bun is a fun and easy hairstyle that can be worn differently. The front pieces can be left loose, or they can be tied up. Then, you can use scrunchies to add a little oomph. In addition, space buns are versatile, working with almost all hair types. Just make sure you get the right size for your hair type.

Grey-ish white-colored hair

If you are a tomboy, you can easily switch up your hair color and keep it modern by adding a few layers. A short pixie cut with bangs looks very edgy. This cut is also easy to style and requires very little hair product. You can wear this cut on wavy or straight hair. A curling iron can add volume to your short pixie cut.

A grey-ish white-colored hairstyle is an easy transition to create. The most desired shade of grey is platinum gray, which has an iridescent effect. This shade has a clean, effortless look that draws attention to the face. You can also wear your hair in a bun or a ponytail.

Skunk stripe hair

The skunk stripe hairstyle takes inspiration from the animal’s fur and can be worn in various ways. A contemporary take on the hairstyle worn by Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s, skunk stripes is often characterized by a dark brown color with streaks of white or blonde. This versatile hairstyle is excellent for any occasion and goes well with vibrant colors.

To achieve the skunk stripe look, color a section of your hair a contrasting color. This bold and daring statement-making style adds a pop of color and a unique personality to your face. You can either purchase a kit or dye your own.

Skunk stripe hairstyles are easy to wear and manage and great for all hair types. You can achieve this look by dying a dark streak of hair with a contrasting light color. This skunk stripe hairstyle is available in various forms, including two layered strands, a curtain of bangs, or a single, standout streak of dark hair.

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