Tomboy Hairstyles in Anime

You may have a favorite character with a tomboy hairstyle if you like anime. Some of these characters are Erza Scarlet, Bulma, and the Yokozuna. But there are others, too. Here, we will take a look at the hairstyles of these characters.


The Yokozuna is a Japanese martial arts character with a unique tomboy hairstyle. The character wears short hair, purple eyes, and a fitted eyebrow in the anime series. The surface has a distinctive style and is a favorite among young male fans. Initially, the character wore long braids. But he sports a short, spiky hairstyle by the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Her short hairstyle makes her look like a tomboy, but she’s much more like a girl than a tomboy. Unlike her male counterparts, she’s the most active and hard-working member of the m’s. Her hairstyle symbolizes her firm, determined spirit and her willingness to compete. She also plays video games and sports.

While this hairstyle is not for everyone, it looks great on many female anime characters. Some anime characters have hairstyles that are so distinctive that they attract the attention of female viewers. One such example is Mira Armstrong, a brutal military general. Another character is Ayase Ayatsuji, a driven individual. Another anime character with a long bob is Rem from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu.

Haruko Haruhara has a popular bob hairstyle in the anime series Fooly Cooly. The blonde bob hairstyle she wears reaches her waist. Although she spends most of her time in a mechanic costume, she’s complex and strong-willed. She’s determined to catch Atomsk despite Hidomi’s attempts to get rid of her. For this reason, she disguises herself as a homeroom teacher. However, she encounters opposition from Julia Jinyu and Naoota Nandana.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet from the anime series Fairy Tail is one of the strongest female characters. Known for her dangerous curves and big brown eyes, Erza is more than just a pretty face. She is a mighty wizard with a limited amount of patience. Erza has a great hairstyle that matches her demeanor and strength.

Her hair is a dark red color, which makes her stand out in the series. You can use a wig or dye your hair to recreate her look. If you have curly or wavy hair, use heat protectant spray to straighten it and add shine.

Another great way to achieve the same look is to go for a red-haired anime girl. This character is an excellent example of an anime character with fiery red hair. She has long, flowing red hair in a high anime ponytail. Her hair color is also essential to her character because it relates to her personality and interactions with others.

As you can see, Erza Scarlet’s hairstyle is much like that of the Fairy Tale character. Her long, dark red hair is incredibly stylish and looks great in her clothes. She wears a white and blue dress with a pink fabric tie on one side and earth-colored shoes.

Yui Hirasawa

The best manga hairstyles for Yui Hirasawa are cut and fun. She’s the kind of character who loves anything fun. Despite her youthful appearance, she’s a cheerful, intelligent high school student. While she doesn’t have the same musical talent as her younger sister, Hirasawa is a natural regarding practical approaches.

A fan favorite of the manga series, Yui Hirasawa’s purple and blue hair is perfect for this character. She’s an airhead who loves physical attraction. Her classmates view her as arrogant and snobby, but she’s a good fighter. She’s a savvy, talented soldier and a great role model for aspiring tomboys.

Another of her anime hairstyles is a brown bob with bangs. She has choppy layers that add movement and a youthful look. The bob is cut loosely, and the rest of her hair is cut below the chin. This anime hairstyle is an excellent choice for any woman.

A girl with short hair often has a feminine look. However, short hairstyles can be attractive, and it’s easy to achieve a look that matches the character’s personality. Short hairstyles are easier to manage and don’t require a lot of upkeep. Moreover, they’re popular with young boys and men.


When you first see Bulma, you may immediately think she has long, wavy hair. However, her style is more versatile than that. She’s been seen with both short, messy bobs and shoulder-length tresses. While her hairstyle has evolved over the years, her big blue eyes have remained the same. Even if Bulma has many different hairstyles, she always has a pretty face and a brilliant mind.

As one of the most beloved tom girls in anime, Bulma has undergone numerous drastic changes in her appearance. Her hair is short at first but gradually grows more extended and feminine. She first sports a short-cut hairstyle at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, but she has long locks by the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Her hairstyle changes from short to long, depending on the season.

As the original character, Bulma is a unique character with a unique personality. The anime plot would not have been possible without her. She’s also very outgoing, flirtatious, and a great addition to any anime fan’s wardrobe. In the Dragon Ball Super anime, she wears a short blue bob.

While she’s a fierce fighter and a great scientist, Bulma is also a good companion for Goku. She can help him defeat the evil forces that try to conquer the universe. However, she’s also intelligent, loyal, and easily envious of other women. This makes Bulma the perfect partner for Goku.


In the anime series Haruko: The Girl of the Nine Zeroes, one of the main characters is a tomboy with curly hair. The character has a lot of different styles to match her personality. She can be stand-offish, persuasive, or a sweet mom, lover, or maid. In the show, Haruko changes her style when separated from her long-time partner, Julia Jinyu. She becomes more selfish and aggressive when separated from her love interest.

In the anime, she assumes the role of the homeroom teacher. Although she doesn’t like Hidomi, she sees her as a tool for obtaining Atomsk’s power. She manipulates Hidomi and tries to change her personality to gain that power. When she discovers her true nature, however, she confronts her.

Another anime character with tomboy hairstyles is Rin. She’s the fifth Hokage’s girlfriend. Though she was a tomgirl in her childhood, she has transformed into a girl as an adult. She also wears a lot of makeup and is passionate about fashion and accessories. Unlike most tomboys, Rin is one of the most hard-working and active members of the m’s. She’s also a sports fan.

The character has short hair and a distinctive style. She is one of the most famous tom girls in the anime. She’s also a cosplay artist. Her short hair and sexy figure make her a popular anime character. She also works at a cafe with Rintaro.


Tomboy hairstyles in anime can be as stylish and feminine as you’d like. These contemporary characters often have long or short hairstyles, recognizable to fans and non-anime-watching normies. A bob haircut is often the most popular choice for anime characters, though there are other options for a Tomboy character.

Tokusatsu is one example of anime that features tomboy-like characters. The main character Touka is one of the many tomboys in the series. Although a ghoul, she attends human schools and becomes friends with many humans. However, she sometimes gets into an insult-rage with them. Another tomboy-esque character in the anime series is the rebellious Kei, who has short hair and an unorthodox attitude.

Another example of an anime tomboy hairstyle is Haruko Haruhara’s flame-colored hair and green eyes. She dreams of being a prince and securing the Rose Princess Anthy but is currently a housemaid. Haruko has a curly bob hairstyle that matches her odd personality.

Another anime tomboy hairstyle is ahoge, which is a bit daft and adds character to her look. This style is excellent for playful anime girls who like to have a little fun with their hairstyles. Examples include Lucy Yamagami from Servant x Service, Konata Izumi of LuckyStar, and Sumi Kuroi from Moetan.

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