Tomboy Models

Tomboy models have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry. These models range from Leona Walton to Hanne Gaby Odiele. These fashion rebels have created a new image category that combines girl power and rebelliousness. They are also making waves in the runway world. Let’s take a closer look at some of these models and their unique styles.

Harmony Boucher

Harmony Boucher is an international model and musician who was discovered in London in 2009. She has since walked the catwalk for many renowned designers, and is an active user of social media, including Instagram. She has also been a member of her own band, Vuvuvultures, and has written and recorded her own songs. She is originally from the United Kingdom and has gained popularity internationally for her androgynous looks.

For the Spring 2013 ad campaign, Tomboy tapped androgynous beauty Harmony Boucher to channel her inner tomboy without losing her feminine touch. The ad campaign, shot by Daniel Jackson and creatively directed by Moss Creative, showcases a range of tomboy-inspired pieces for the season. The blasé attitude of the platinum blonde model stands out against the pristine white backdrop, which enhances the tomboy-esque feel of the campaign.

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Hanne Gaby Odiele, a Belgian model, was born an intersex child. When she was two weeks old, she developed an infection. Her parents took her to the hospital for blood tests. They were told she was healthy, but later discovered that she had internal testes and was missing her uterus and ovaries.

She has become a major model and has collaborated with top designers, including Christian Dior and Alexander Wang. She is currently signed with Women Management, a Paris-based modeling agency. Odiele has recently revealed that she is intersex, and has partnered with interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth.

Odiele’s angular features are reminiscent of an umbrella. She has a lovely limber look and opens and closes like an umbrella. She has been forced to undergo several surgeries as a child and has undergone physical therapy and rehabilitation. In ten months, she was back on the catwalk.

Harmony Boucher as a tomboy model

Harmony Boucher has a diverse portfolio. In addition to her work as a tomboy model, she has appeared in editorials and commercials for a variety of companies. She has been signed by several model management companies, including Elite Special Bookings in London and Supa Model Management in Milan. She has also modeled for designers including Dominique Lucas and Tomboy. She is currently working on promoting her own brand, Underground.

Harmony Boucher is a fashion model, singer, and musician. In addition to modeling, she is active on Instagram, sharing pictures and videos with fans. She also enjoys writing songs. In addition to working on her modeling career, Boucher is also the lead singer of a band, the Vuvuvultures. The singer and musician hails from the United Kingdom.

While growing up in England, Boucher developed her own unique style. She spent time in skateboarding, punk rock, and the club kid scene, and took inspiration from these subcultures. Her signature look includes high-waisted black skinny jeans and suspenders.

In a recent ad campaign for Tomboy, Harmony Boucher channels her inner tomboy while keeping her feminine side in check. Daniel Jackson captured her portraits in a studio. Her icy blonde hair stands out against the pristine white backdrop in the photos.

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