Tomboy Name Origin

Tom is a common boy’s name and has its origins in the mid-16th century, when the word was used to describe forward, rude, or boisterous boys. It has been used to describe both girls and boys. In recent times, however, the name has become less popular, and there are a growing number of girls who go by this name.


Iris is a girl’s name that can inspire you with its vibrant color. The name has Greek roots and translates to rainbow in the Latin language. This name evokes individuality and can be used to celebrate your unique personality. The name also means rainbow, and can be a sign of hope, faith, courage, and individuality.

Iris is a popular name for girls. It has been on the U.S. female baby name list consistently since the 1800s and has been on the chart for over 100 years. The name’s popularity peaked in the 1920s, during the flower-naming fad, but Iris has never strayed from its status as a classic girl’s name. Even today, it is an unusual name that is popular in flower-loving Holland. It is also on many countries’ Top 100 lists.

Anais Nin

The name Anais Nin was given to the famous French writer and diarist in 1903. Nin’s father abandoned her siblings when they were young and left the family to sail to America. Eventually, she wrote a diary that chronicled her longing for her father. As a result, Nin is now famous for her work.

Nin was often accused of being narcissistic. She is known for her eye-catching thrift-shop costumes and dramatic makeup. Many celebrities have adopted her style, too. She sought a close personal connection with her fans. She even quit writing to answer fan mail. Social media has made this a possibility.

Nin grew up in New York City and became a voracious reader. She dropped out of high school to become a model. While pursuing a career as a model, Nin also developed a diary-keeping habit. In spite of her fame, she struggled with her traumatic childhood. Later, she married a young banker, Hugh Guiler, and they settled in Paris. During the 1920s, she continued reading contemporary literature, including D. H. Lawrence novels.


Corey is a boy’s name with a long and varied history. It has several Irish derivations, including “coire” (meaning cauldron) and “corra” (meaning hollow). In Celtic culture, the cauldron was a symbol of rebirth, wellness, and abundance. The name evokes feelings of companionship and kinship.

Corey is a popular and versatile name for both boys and girls. Its exotic roots make it an excellent choice for boys and girls. The name has been adopted by actors such as Jennifer Connelly, who chose it for her son. The name is also an appropriate choice for a tomboy because of its alluring pronunciation. Anais, meanwhile, is a famous female erotica writer.

The origin of Corey’s tomboy name is obscure, and its spelling reflects that. The name can be spelled either Corey or Cory, which is an acceptable alternative spelling. Interestingly, the name was first used as a boy’s name in the 1940s. In the 1950s, it was a popular choice for girls as well. Despite its origin, it is slowly transitioning to a girl’s name.


The name Anastasia has an interesting history. Its origin is from the Russian royal family. This dynasty ruled Russia for over 100 years before being wiped out during the Bolshevik revolution. While the name is feminine, it can still have a tomboy connotation.

Anastasia was a bubbly toddler with a very high energy level. She got bored quickly with the lessons she had to follow in school and preferred playing outside than doing ladylike activities with her sisters. She was also described as being clumsy, climbing things, and running all the time. She was also a little bit of a troublemaker and had a way of pulling pranks on everyone. Some of her cousins even called her “evil” and a servant even described her as a “terrorist.”

Anastasia’s story is a tad tragic one. She was sent to an orphanage where she suffered from amnesia and no memory of her past. As a child, she hoped to find a family in Paris. Along the way, she was accompanied by a dog, Pooka.


Ally is an English name, meaning noble, that has been more popular as a girls’ name than a boy’s. It’s a diminutive form of the classic Allison and has been associated with Alison, Alice, and Alexandra. However, it’s not the kind of name you associate with grunge, 90s dramas, or even the word “Ally.” The name Ally comes from the Old French name Aalis, meaning noble.

Although this is a girl’s name, it is a good choice for a tomboy who is looking for an alternative name. It’s a great fit for an energetic and creative person who loves to be surrounded by beautiful things and people. And since it starts with an “A” on the first letter, it means that a child will be independent and determined.


The name Bobbie is associated with a strong, independent character who is a natural leader and manager. She is driven by purpose and enjoys helping others. She is also very good at business and can be quite successful at it. Bobbie’s are often very creative and often have a knack for organizing things. They are also incredibly smart and individualistic, which makes them great candidates for leadership roles.

Whether you choose the girl’s or boy’s version of Bobbie, you’ll find plenty of information about the name’s history and meaning. The name Bobbie is a pet form of Roberta, which comes from Old English and German. It is also a variant of the Greek Barbara. It is a tomboy name but is also commonly used as a baby girl’s name.


The name Ally/Andy is a diminutive form of the classic girl’s name Allison. It is derived from French and Greek words and means “noble.” This name is not associated with grunge or the 90s drama Ally McBeal. The word “Ally” itself comes from the Old French name Aalis.

Tomboy names have many origins, including Celtic and English. In some cases, the name originally meant “typical male”. However, with gender identity changing, the meaning of this name has changed. Many parents choose names with a ‘tuh’ sound for their child, while others opt for a more unisex meaning. Alternatively, parents can choose a name with a feminine element, such as Anastasia or Andromeda.


Ally/Jude is a diminutive form of the classic name Allison, and has become a household name for decades. Like Alexandra and Alice, the name has Greek and French origins, deriving from the Old French name Aalis, which means noble. Ally makes a great name for a grunge queen or main character, and is the perfect combination of classic and modern.

My sister is due with her third daughter, and she’s looking for a not-girly-girl-but-girl name for her third child. She likes tomboy names, and is considering Ally/Jude for her daughter.


Maxine has a charming, caring nature. She cherishes traditions and family values. She is a good communicator with a desire to learn new things. She is also creative and is a good storyteller. Her positive outlook and witty wit make her a great person to know. She also has a reputation for being generous and supportive. Although she is not very cosmopolitan, she is a great match for a businessman, professor, researcher, teacher, or successful saleswoman.

The name Maxine has Latin origin and means “greatest.” It is the feminine version of the male name Max. It originated with Roman aristocrats, who chose this name as a cognomen because it symbolized greatness and strength. The name Maxine is an appealing choice for girls because it conjures up an image of a strong, independent woman. From the 1800s to the late 1970s, it was among the top 1000 names in the United States. In 2020, it will rank 737.

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