Tomboy Names For Girls

Tomboy names for girls can come from various sources. Some of them are Latin in origin, while others are English. Here are a few ideas: August, which means “majestic,” Beckett, which means “little bee,” and pairs well with Becky, and Bellamy, which means “fine friend.” Other Irish names include Bradlee and Camden, which mean winding valleys. And Carter says “cart driver,” which may be the perfect choice for your little explorer.


The numerology of the name Jade indicates that she is an intuitive and creative person who values love and caring. She is dedicated to her goals and has keen sensitivity and empathy. She is sensitive and a good team player. Jade is also a good communicator.

The name Jade has a rich history and a unique meaning. It will be a name your daughter will hear over. It’s one of the first things you’ll give your baby, so you’ll want it to be remarkable. Words have a significant impact on our lives, and many people believe that a name will determine our success in life. For this reason, many choose terms that have symbolic meanings or are “respectable.”

Jade is a popular name for girls in the United States. It ranks among the top one thousand boys’ and girls’ names. It was also in England and Wales’s full twenty-five girls’ names in the mid-90s. More recently, it was one of Scotland’s most popular girls’ names.


A stunning botanical moniker, Ivy is fast becoming one of the most popular girls’ names. The name is sweet and sophisticated and ties to the winter holidays. It’s currently in the top 50 girl names in the U.S. and England. It’s also a common choice for middle names. The name Ivy comes from the Old English word fig, meaning “ivy plant.” It’s also associated with fidelity, making it an excellent choice for a baby girl.

Ivy has several associations with girls, and its meaning is often ambiguous. In addition to being a female name, it has religious and philosophical connotations. The Greeks, for example, associated the ivy plant with fidelity and longevity and, subsequently, exchanged ivy wreaths between newlyweds. It’s also related to lifelong learning and collegiate sports. In other words, it’s not a name for everyone, but Ivy is an adorable name for a girl.

Ivy is a sweet and mature name for girls, and it’s also perfect for a little girl who loves to dress up. However, it can be more sophisticated than that when she grows up. As an adult, she’ll be a serious fashionista.


Sawyer is one of the most popular boy names, but the word “sawyer” has a girl version, too. This name has a unique meaning and is excellent for a little boy or girl. It is also available as Carsyn, which means a little dark. If you’re looking for a different boy or girl name, look at some words suitable for tomboys.

Sawyer, as well as Phoenix, is an old English name for a tomboy. This name is very masculine but can be a good choice for a girl who loves sports and male clothing. The spelling is also pretty and can fit either gender. Another good choice is Reagan, which is spelled, Rea.

The meaning of Sawyer is unknown, but the word was used in the past to describe the first workers of the lumber industry in England. Today, it is used for both girls and boys and evokes feelings of independence and strength. Sawyer has become a popular unisex name since it first appeared in the 1990s and was in the top 100 boy and girl names between 2015 and 2018.


Quinn is a unique name that is an excellent fit for your little girl. The name comes from the Irish language and means descendent of Conn. It is a good choice for a boy who loves to explore the outdoors, and it is a good choice for a girl who wants a nickname.

Quinn has become increasingly popular in recent years and is trending up the girls’ baby name charts. It has a unique meaning and a little attitude, making it a good choice for both boys and girls. It will likely continue to rise in popularity, and it could even make its way to the top baby name charts.

Quinn has several possible meanings, including that of a great river in the United Kingdom, a scenic beach city in Northern California, and the name of a town on the San Francisco Bay. It also has meanings related to the sky, sea, earth, and animals. Its implications can be mysterious and beautiful, making Quinn a unique choice for a girl.


The name Josephine is mature and doesn’t have a stuffy feel. It’s an excellent choice for a little girl who is always on the go, and several nicknames can soften it. Some popular nicknames for Josephine include Sephi and Fifi.

Josephine is a first name that is derived from Hebrew. It is typically given to girls. It is also pronounced as Pseheijon or Enihpesoj. Josephine is famous in the U.S. and has been in the Top 100 girls’ names for 45 years.

The name Josephine has a rich history. It was originally a nickname for Josephine, but it has gained popularity since the birth of an all-girl pop group, Josie and the Pussycats. Other notable Josephine namesakes include actresses Josie Rebecca Davis, Josie Loren Lopez, and Josie Totah. In addition to these, the name has a variety of different associations.

In the past few decades, it has been a popular unisex name. It was a top ten name in the U.S. for boys in the past, but recently it has slid down the rankings to #356. As a nickname, Sam has a more feminine sound. However, it’s still a solid name with a tomboy feel.

Josephine’s nickname is Sammy.

Josephine is a classic girl’s name used since the 1800s. This name is not biblical but more prevalent in the U.S. than in the U.K. It is a good choice for girls and can also be used for boys. The name is a diminutive of Joseph, which means “Jehovah will increase.”

In the book Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man, we meet Margaret “Dot” DeVries. Dot has a beauty mark on her cheek. She lives in Holland with her grandparents. She often says “JA” instead of “yeah.” Although Dot is inaccurate, Sammy Keyes uses her as a prank caller.

Josephine has several nicknames. Some are Scottish and Gaelic. Others are Latin. She has the nicknames Alexandra, Alexa, and Sandy. Some girls have handles like Hannah, Helen, or Lena.

Another example is Jasmine, a Persian name that means ‘gift.’ Another nickname for Josephine is Jessie. It’s a diminutive form of the name Jessica. It also means ‘to behold.’


Scout is a unisex nickname that originated from the name of a fictional character in the classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. It has gained popularity among parents and is now used for both boys and girls. A girl with this name is said to have a strong independent spirit.

The meaning of Scout is “one who gathers information secretly.” It comes from the Old French word encounter, which means “to listen.” The name was first used in Harper Lee’s book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” A Christian girl can also be called a Scout.

This name is a popular choice for parents looking for a name that will appeal to their child. It has a traditional meaning and literary appeal. Scout is also a beautiful and feminine first name. There are many variations of Scout. If your daughter’s real name is Scout, she could be Jean Louise, August Rhett, or Louise.

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