Tomboy Princess Nokia Needs a Consistent Campaign

Tomboy Princess Nokia Needs a Consistent Campaign brands

Despite its success, the Tomboy Princess Nokia campaign still has some work to do. The campaign’s main issue is that it needs to present itself consistently. It uses inconsistent music, video, and presentation.

Inconsistency in presentation

Despite being a New York City resident, Princess Nokia doesn’t stray too far from the mainstream. Her debut album ‘Destiny Frasqueri,’ is an unapologetic education for those who grew up singing along to the same hymn sheet. She combines her uninhibitedness with her love of NYC culture, from the ‘hood shit to those above fancy-free. Her live shows are colorful, eclectic, and unscripted. She creates a safe space for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. She has even been known to bring all girls to the front.

The aforementioned ‘Tomboy’ is a clever song representing Nokia’s emergence as an artist. It’s an innovative use of the ‘trick’ in rap, using high-frequency production and body-positivity-based bars. The song also demonstrates Nokia’s dedication to promoting body positivity. She even went so far as to create an ad campaign that celebrates the ‘hoe’ smarm. This clever use of a well-known marketing term and the video’s Milah Libin direction proves it.

It’s not surprising that a rap song can be a stumbling block to the average listener. However, Princess Nokia’s ‘Tomboy’ is a rousing piece of music that leaves a listener feeling good. The video’s a friendly reminder of what it was like to be a tomboy ten years ago.

The aforementioned ‘Tomboy’ also demonstrates Nokia’s commitment to promoting body positivity. Her previous ‘body-positivity-based’ rap track isn’t just for girls; it’s for everybody. This is an impressive feat, considering her past work as a rapper. In addition to her rap style, she enjoys skateboarding and is a self-identified New York City fan. She also has an eclectic sense of style and a love of natural braiding. Her live shows are a mix of high-energy performances and colorful outfits from her fans. With the release of her latest album, Princess Nokia is on her way to becoming a household name. She may not be the next Jay Z, but she has a lot to say and plenty to offer. The album’s standout track, ‘Tomboy,’ represents Nokia’s most ambitious efforts to date, and it’s likely to take her on the road.


Despite her youth, Princess Nokia is one of the most potent female rappers in the industry. Her style combines hip-hop, electronic, and R&B influences to produce a sound that is as unique as addictive. She also identifies as a tomboy, bisexual, and feminist.

She was born and raised on the Lower East Side of New York City and spent her childhood experimenting with the city’s nightlife culture. This is evident in her self-described “New York City Aficionado” persona and her musical roots. She started out writing autobiographical bars on her first track, Destiny. She is also known for her contrasting personas, such as new wigs, natural braided hairstyles, and statement hoops.

Known for her unapologetic education, Princess Nokia has created a safe space for people of color. Her songs have a strong message and encourage listeners to explore their feelings and emotions. Her lyrics are not aggressive or delicate but somewhat relatable. She works through trauma in a way that is accessible and relatable to other women.

Princess Nokia’s music is a testament to her duality, which has a magnetic quality that is hard to miss. On her latest album, Everything is Beautiful/Everything Sucks, she demonstrates her healing process, documenting her journey. She also pays homage to her alternative rock influences. The album contains a mix of synthesizer and electronic keyboard sounds. The music also features a religious undertone. Ultimately, this album is a powerful statement of personal duality and inspires introspection.

In addition to her music, Nokia is also a songwriter and poet. She deconstructs the binary that is often present in music for black women. She has been described as a gender-non-conforming hip-hopper, and her style is as unique as it is addictive. She also creates a safe space for people of color, including those who identify as LGBTQ+. With her upcoming album, Nokia is set to continue her rise. So, be sure to check out her music and her live performances. And if you’re looking for more music by this artist, check out her playlist, which is updated regularly.


Whether you’re a rap fan or not, you’ve probably heard of Princess Nokia. Her single “No Effort” has received heavy rotation on the radio, and she’s just dropped her new album, Tomboy, to rave reviews. She’s got a show scheduled at Coachella, and her new video for “No F*cks” is an ode to the good old days when girls had to wear their p’s and q’s. Her video was shot in New York’s Alphabet City, and it’s a fun ride.

As far as video production goes, the “No Effort” video is a slick production with plenty of fantastic visuals. There’s one scene that steals the show. Featuring StuntGuyz BMX crew, the video is set in a lush forest and a cast of characters that could be straight out of a 90s cult classic. The “smart” sexy women in the video aren’t sexy in the traditional sense, but they are the best dressed of the bunch. Ultimately, it’s a fun video that will get you pumped for the rest of the year. If you’re in the New York area, you’ll want to check out Nokia’s show for yourself! The latest video is a line of excellent videos from the upstart artist.

Body-positive campaign

Whether slam-dunking her way into the heart of an audience or standing up against sexism and racism, Princess Nokia is an inspiring example of a female fem sexual. Her body positivity campaign ad is a message that inspires individuals to love and accept themselves no matter what their physical shape. Whether doing her ‘hood shit with her friends or addressing racism, sexism, and classism in her music, Princess Nokia never returns from speaking her mind.

Princess Nokia is a self-releasing artist who has released three studio albums: 1992, Metallic Butterfly, and Honeysuckle. She’s also a member of Hood 2 La Gente, an organization that works to provide relief to hurricane-affected communities. During her time with the organization, Princess Nokia teamed up with Gillette Venus for a body hair removal campaign. The commercial features pastel-toned images of women showing off their unibrows.

Princess Nokia is a proud Afro-Latina, who grew up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She has worked with notable brands such as Gucci and Calvin Klein. She recently worked as a model for Calvin Klein’s Fall 2017 campaign video and is set to star in a campaign for Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2017 collection. She’s also one of the faces of the Champion capsule collection for Urban Outfitters.

Earlier this year, she appeared in a Calvin Klein ad during Men’s Fashion Week. She also provided the soundtrack for Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 runway show. Princess Nokia is a proud Afro-Latina, but she also identifies as a classic New York Boricua shorty. She’s also an aggressive urban rapper whose music mixes ’90s style and pop music. She has also been a big fan of skateboarding. She was raised on the Lower East Side and now calls the Bronx home.

Princess Nokia’s body-positivity campaign ad was shot in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She also partnered with Gillette Venus for a body hair and skin collection. Her campaign also includes a foamy body wash and matte lotion. Milah Libin directed the ad. She’s also scheduled to perform in Italy in March.

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