Tomboy Room Decor Ideas For Girls

While tomboys are the ultimate feminine fantasy of babies and young children, they may not be so keen on decorating their own bedrooms. This is where you need to consult with your child to come up with a design plan that will suit her tastes. If possible, look through decorating magazines with her and cut out pictures that inspire her.

Interior designer Maite Granda’s girls room

If your daughter is a little girl, she will love this cool-toned girls room designed by Maite Granda. This room features blue and white geometric patterns on the walls, a modern bunk bed, and shelving. A floral throw pillow completes the look. This girls room design is gender neutral, but still has classic girls elements.

The room features an adorable house-shaped bedframe draped in a fabric cover with peekaboo windows and a moon-shaped pendant light. The bed is a comfortable place to sleep and is also a fun addition to the room. The room is also furnished with a Moroocan-style pouf and low-slung tulip table.

Maite Granda’s girls room features a playful play on pinks and whites. The room is decorated with a tufted pink headboard and white accessories. The wallpaper is a playful mix of patterns and colors, and the room is accented with gilded touches. The girls’ room also features a wicker headboard with an intricately scrolled pattern.

Emily Henderson’s girls bedroom

Emily Henderson has some great ideas for girls’ tomboy rooms. For a room full of personality, you can incorporate feminine elements, including pink walls and a pink plush bed. She also uses a vintage rug as part of the decor. If you want to add more fun, try using wall hangings.

Instead of pink and florals, try using textures and organic materials. Ana Maria’s boudoir, for example, evokes a desert theme, and her rattan bed frame adds an edgy, fun feel to the space.

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