Tomboy Short Hair Styles

If you are looking for a modern take on the 90s short haircut, consider an ashy blond hair color. This will bring a modern edge to the pixie undercut. And if you have a round face, you should avoid this hairstyle. It’s not the most flattering haircut for round faces.


There are many different tomboy short hair styles to choose from. These styles are versatile and can compliment a variety of bone structures and face shapes. In addition to buzzcuts, tomboys can also wear hair styles like undercuts and braids. If you want to look more professional, you can opt for longer hair but keep it short.

The tomboy haircut is the perfect choice for women who want to have their hair short but with a lot of volume. If you have fine, wavy, or straight hair, you can use a curling iron to create curls. For those with brown hair, the tomboy haircut is especially beautiful. This style is simple, chic, and sexy.

This style can be worn with or without a fringe. The fringe creates a dramatic look and accentuates the shape of the face. The tomboy look is also flattering with glasses. To add even more fun, you can go for a red highlight. You can also use a holding spray to keep the hair up.

Another fun style is the buzzcut. It is very close to a baldhead, but isn’t as drastic. This style is perfect for tropical weather. This cut is breezy and fun, and it allows you to use less hair product, which makes it even more appealing.


A pixie tomboy style is a great way to bring out your bad girl side without sacrificing your ladylike side. In modern times, pixies are often paired with short, angled side fringes and choppy layers. This short haircut is a great choice for hot climates and is breezy and fun. To add a little something extra to your pixie, consider getting a hair tattoo to enhance the look. Another option is a side swept fringe, which is great for fine or thin hair. Baby bangs are also a good choice because they frame your natural curls.

If you have thick hair, consider opting for a layered pixie cut. This pixie cut can be tamed with the help of styling product and blow drying. Choosing a color for your pixie cut is important because colored strands can get dry and damaged if not cared for properly.

Another option for a pixie tomboy haircut is to use a shag color. This style is suitable for women with fine hair because it can add volume. However, it is important to remember that a pixie style cannot be worn by women with round faces.

Combining the pixie and short tomboy styles gives you a modern style that is fun and flirty. Cut the sides of your hair short while keeping your top longer. The bang should be cropped slightly at the nape and temples. You can also use a texturizing product to add more emphasis to the front section. Alternatively, you can use clippers to create a bowl cut for a modern, more sophisticated look.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut is a versatile short hairstyle. It softens the roundness of the face and emphasizes cheekbones. If you’re considering a pixie, consider working with a stylist to find the perfect style for you. Listed below are some tips to help you make the cut work for your face shape.

First of all, you should choose a color that compliments your skin tone. This will help you match your outfit with your hair. It’s best to stick with pastel colors, as they’re flattering for many skin tones. Also, pastel shades don’t look harsh on the complexion, so they’re great for a pixie cut.

This cut is versatile enough to flatter most hair types and is an easy style to maintain. If you have naturally curly hair, the pixie cut will make it easier to manage, while giving it a slightly edgy appearance. This cut also highlights curl patterns, which will give your hair more volume and movement. If you’re planning on wearing your hair up, you’ll want to use curl-defining products to avoid frizz.

Pixie cuts are a great choice for older women, as they are easy to maintain and style. They can hide dry and wiry hair, enabling you to wear the right accessories and clothes. The pixie is perfect for round or oval faces and falls just above the neck. This short hairstyle also looks great with angular faces.

Pixie cut with bangs

A pixie cut with bangs will add an edgy look to tomboy short hair styles. This style has a lot of volume and will keep your face open. While it’s not for everyone, it can add an edge to your overall look. This look works well with layers and highlights. The asymmetrical design will stay interesting as your hair grows longer.

To give this cut a modern twist, consider ashy blond color. This will bring a modern twist to the 90s look. Besides, it will make your hair look more youthful. This hairstyle is perfect for young boys and girls.

Besides being stylish, this cut is easy to maintain. You won’t have to worry about pulling your hair back to protect it from the heat and other elements. Moreover, this hairstyle won’t interfere with your athletic pursuits. This hairstyle can be worn naturally or with styling.

This tomboy cut is the perfect choice for tomgirls with short hair. The fringe highlights the face and accentuates the neck area. The tomboy haircut looks funky, edgy, and carefree. The spiky texture works well with dense hair with a great amount of volume.

Another tomboy short hair style is the micro bob with bangs. This cut is shorter in the back and gradually grows longer in the front. It looks great when styled with messy organic waves. Adding a bit of styling product on damp hair before styling will keep it straight and prevent it from floppy and greasy.

Strawberry blonde cropped hairdo

If you’re in search of a low-maintenance tomboy hairdo, strawberry blonde is the hair color to go for. This color is a warm shade of blonde with red undertones. The hairstyle looks fabulous when it’s styled in loose curls.

This short hairstyle has a casual, edgy vibe that’s sure to turn heads. It’s easy to maintain, too, thanks to its messy texture. A classic strawberry blonde color matches well with rose-colored blouses, and is a great choice for a sexy, feminine look.

To add a pop of color, add subtle highlights to your hair. These highlights will give your hair a warm glow. These highlights will keep your hair looking fresh for weeks to come. You can also go for an ombre look to create the illusion of depth. You can start with a chocolate brown shade at the top and transition into strawberry blonde towards the ends.

If you have dark hair, a strawberry blonde color is a great way to add a little extra life to your hair. This hair color is the perfect complement for a pale complexion. It’s also perfect for ex-brunettes looking to go lighter. A strawberry blonde with highlights is a gorgeous shade of blonde that’s sure to get you attention.

Dark brown pixie

Dark brown pixie hairstyles are bold and versatile. They are easy to style, and can complement any outfit. The curly pixie is also easy to manage. The sides can be parted, or the curls can be tousled at the root. For an extra splash of color, you can use a contrasting color for a bold effect.

If you’re considering getting a pixie hairstyle, consider adding a little length to the top to create a voluminous look. Keeping the sides longer than the top will add volume and change shape. Using highlights and layers will also keep the hairstyle looking interesting as it grows out.

The pixie cut is a classic that works for both fine and thick hair. The intricate layers can help reduce the weight of thick tresses and create a light, voluminous mane. Moreover, a pixie cut is perfect for gray hair, since gray hair tends to be finer. This hairstyle will not only solve the gray hair problem, but it will also help a woman with fine hair gain volume and texture.

The pixie cut is one of the latest trends among celebrities, with many celebrities experimenting with it. In the nineties, America’s blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson, frolicked on the beach with her hair blowing in the wind. However, she now sports a shorter version of the pixie.

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