Tomboy Tavern in Telluride

Tomboy Tavern in Telluride Femme


Located at the base of Lift 4, Tomboy Tavern is a quaint establishment with a rustic mine-like interior. The restaurant features a full bar, expanded indoor seating, and one of the best patios in town. It also has a good selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. This is an excellent place for a post-ski dinner or apres-ski drink. Tomboy Tavern has a menu that includes a variety of upscale American cuisine. Among the items on the menu are truffle fries, elk Bolognese, buffalo bangers and mash, and a dry-rubbed flat iron steak.

The truffle fries are topped with parmesan cheese and rosemary. The best part is that they are served in a bottomless stainless steel bucket. Among other food and drink offerings, Tomboy Tavern features a menu with a selection of small plates like crab cake tacos and elk burgers. The menu also includes a handful of upscale dinner specialties. Other notable items include a burger made with bacon, avocado, and roasted poblano pepper. Among the cocktails, Tomboy Tavern has a selection of vodka, rum, and whiskey. The restaurant also features some fun cocktails that you won’t find at most bars in town.

The top-of-the-line menu includes a selection of upscale burgers made with mixed meats, including Angus beef, grilled lamb, and elk. Tomboy’s other notable Burger is its “Tavern Cheese Burger,” which features a blend of N.Y. Black Wax cheddar. It is also worth noting that Tomboy’s burgers are served “grande” for $2. This is great considering the cost of a similar meal in the town.

The chicken above-pot pie is also on the menu. It is the tiniest menu item in Tomboy’s rotation, but it does an excellent job packing a punch with its mushroom cream sauce. Another notable item is the “Smak bar” located in Hotel Madeline. Besides the impressive name, the Smak bar is also home to some of Telluride’s most recognizable ad campaigns. For the budget conscious, you can also try the “Roast Your Own S’mores,” which includes a selection of artisanal marshmallows and chocolate. There are many other fine dining options in Telluride. Aside from the Tomboy tavern, you can also try the likes of Floradora and Siam’s Talay Grille.

Apres ski

Located at the base of the Telluride Resort, Tomboy Tavern is a great place to stop for an apres ski drink. With a European-style beer garden, plenty of tables, and a full bar, it’s easy to spend a few hours enjoying Tomboy Tavern’s upscale American cuisine.

Tomboy Tavern offers a wide variety of burgers, including the G$ Burger, which is topped with bacon and avocado. There’s also the Tomboy Burger, made with a blend of meats, including bacon and jack cheese. Buffalo Bangers and Mash ($18) and a dry-rubbed flat-iron steak ($22). For dinner, try a grilled shrimp taco topped with pickled radishes and tomatillo-cilantro slaw. You can also try a schnitzel stack loaded with pretzel-encrusted pork loin and red apple onion relish.

Tomboy Tavern also serves a variety of appetizers, including chicken pot pie, which is topped with mushroom cream. They also have an elk Bolognese served with garlic mashed potatoes. If you’re feeling like a big meal, you can get the Tomboy Burger, which is made with a blend of beef, pork, and buffalo. You can also order the Tomboy Burger “grande” for $2, which is made with bacon and avocado.

Tomboy Tavern also has an extensive beer, wine, and spirits menu. You can choose from more than 25 beers on tap and spirits from Palisade, Colo. They also offer specialty cocktails. One of the signature cocktails is the Smak Mary, which combines a Bloody Mary and a Slider. You can also try the Kentucky Mule, a cocktail mixed with whiskey and cream. You can also try Tomboy Tavern’s Dry-Rubbed Flat-Iron Steak, and Buffalo Bangers and Mash served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Tomboy Tavern also has a wide selection of lunch items, including chicken pot pie and a pork schnitzel stack. You can also try Tomboy Tavern’s truffle fries, grilled shrimp tacos, and burgers. For dessert, you can try a chocolate brownie. You can also try Tomboy Tavern’s Rigatoni pasta, served with elk sausage and garlic mashed potatoes.

Tomboy Tavern is a new addition to Mountain Village. The tavern was named after the town’s richest gold mine in the late 1890s. It is a perfect blend of rustic and stylish. The tavern has an indoor bar, a wraparound bar, and large wooden tables. It also has a beer garden that is heated during the winter. You can also find plenty of TVs for the big game.

In addition to its apres ski offerings, Tomboy Tavern also features a full bar and a variety of specialties for dinner. You can try the pork schnitzel stack topped with pretzel-encrusted pork loin, red apple onion relish, and pickles. Or try the chicken pot pie topped with fire-roasted chicken and mushroom cream.

Tomboy Tavern is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. They serve lunch menu items during the day, and dinner is served at night. The tavern features a wraparound bar, big screens for game day, and plenty of seating. There are also several intimate booths and tables for you to enjoy. You can also enjoy a selection of wines and specialty cocktails.

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