Tomboyish Girl Names

Tomboyish girl names are not just for boys. They are also perfect for little girls with a playful and outgoing personality. There are many options, from sweet and innocent Callie to bright-eyed Piper. Choosing the perfect girl’s name for your little tomboy is a personal choice that will help her shine brightly in the future.


Callie is a short form of the family name Alice and is a good tomboyish girl name. The name also has many other meanings, including free. For instance, Frankie means freedom in Latin. Another cute tomboyish girl name is Harriet, which means ruler of the house in English. Other good choices include Dani, which means God is our judge, and Evan, which means God is good.

Another great tomboyish girl name is Ally. This name originates from Alice and Alison, both of which were very popular in the past. You may also want to consider Bobbie, which is short for Barbara. This saint was a protector of children from lightning and fire, and is popular in many European countries.

This name is popular with parents of both genders. It sounds more feminine than masculine and reflects a tomboy’s love of style and diversity. It is also associated with the fictional character Calliope, which was a character on the soap opera Dynasty.

Another good choice is Lana, a character in the hit television show “Cover Girls”. She is ostracized for being girly and wears clothes similar to her sister Leni. She also looks like her sister Leni, who is a tomboy to Darcy Homendollar, who is a girly girl.


Henrietta is a French name meaning “God”. A tomboyish name can reflect a girl’s personality. A tomboy can be a girl who likes sports or masculine clothes. Henrietta is a pretty name with a historical significance.

Another name that is tomboyish but still considered normal can be Austin, which means “great.” Other popular tomboyish names include Ezra, which means “helper” in Hebrew, Rory, which means “famous ruler,” and Jude, which means “pretty.” Other traditional tomboyish names include Quinn, which comes from Irish and means “descendant of Conn.” In English, the name Bo means “to live.”

Henrietta shares the name of a character in the popular children’s book “The Famous Five”. She is a nurse in the Moosehead region, working with the famed Dr. Fred Pritham. She’s active in the local community, and is an accomplished canoeist. The book’s name is a play on her real name, but the character is named for the female version of the character.

A name for a tomboy can be fun, unique, and unisex. Many tomboy names are unisex and are derived from famous places.


The name Piper is a curacao girl name that means “playing the pipe, flute player.” It is an action-oriented, positive, energetic, enterprising, and adventurous name. It also has a strong sense of independence. Pipers are independent, brave, and generous.

Piper is a great name for a tomboyish girl. It has a cool, masculine ring to it and has a lot of character. This girl name is often paired with a nickname to give her a spunky edge. Another good choice is Bobbie, which is short for Barbara, a Roman Catholic saint who was a protector against lightning and fire. It is a very common choice in many European countries.

Piper is a modern name that’s both unique and elegant. This name is a versatile choice for any child. While it has a cute, whimsical flair, Piper will also serve your child well as an adult. Its posh air will make her look sassier and sophisticated, while still giving her a funky sound. The name can be used as a surname as well.

While it may seem like a feminine name, Piper is a surprisingly tomboyish name. The name is not uncommon for a 16-year-old girl. In fact, Piper is one of the most popular girls’ names in America. This name is perfect for a young girl who wants to be independent and witty.

Piper is a bright-eyed collegiate tomboy

Piper is a bright-eyed, collegiate tomboy name with a tough side. Piper is an academic tomboy with an edge, and she excels at singing. She is also a fun and popular girl’s name.

A tomboy is a girl who acts boyishly and rebels against conventional girlish characteristics. Although some parents are apprehensive about naming their little girl a tomboy, it is a great way to give your child a cool, unique, and memorable name.


Quinn is a stylish Irish girl name that’s short, sweet, and to the point. It originally started as a surname but still packs a punch as a posh girl’s name. It’s one of the trendiest Irish girl names, and is right on trend with other names like Riley and Kennedy. It is also an anglicized version of O’Conn, one of the 20 most popular Irish surnames today.

Quinn has a nautical feel, and was originally meant for a boy, but now it’s a popular girl’s name. This name is also a popular choice for a tomgirl. Another unusual name is Augusta, which has been on the charts since 1916. It averages about 100 girls per year, making it a popular choice for a tomboy. Abigail is another tomboyish girl name that has been on the list for many years. It has the informal nickname Abby.

Another name for a tomboy is Harlan, which means “rocky land.” Iris is a great tomboy name, as it comes from Greek mythology. It means “messenger of Zeus.” Owen, which means “young warrior,” is another great choice. Owen can be shortened to an adorable nickname, such as “Oweny.” Another great tomboy name is Alex, which means “man’s protector” and can also be shortened to Al or Lexi.

Other names that can be considered tomboyish are Austin, Ezra, Rory, and Jude. Austin, for example, means “great,” while Ezra means “helper” in Hebrew. Jude, on the other hand, means praiseworthy. A tomboy girl can also choose to use a nickname like Allie. Bobbie means “traveler” in English, and is an acceptable nickname for a girl with tomboyish traits.


Marley is an English baby name, meaning a pleasant seaside meadow. The name originated as an old Anglo-Saxon geographical surname, given to people who lived near the sea. It was first recorded in the mid-12th century. It was also the surname of Bob Marley, the legendary reggae singer. The surname was also used by Ebeneezer Scrooge’s partner Jacob Marley. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also used Marley as a middle name for their daughter Zahara. This name evokes strong and feminine feelings and is an excellent choice for both boys and girls.

Originally a boy’s name, Marley has gained popularity as a girls’ name. In 2008, it rose into the girls’ top 1000. It has remained near the top 200 list since then and is currently ranked #209 on the girl’s side. Among the boys’ version, Marley has spent the majority of its time in the bottom 900 baby name list, where it’s now almost completely off the list.

While it is not common to see girls named Marley or Marlee, this name is often used as a girl’s name. Despite the stereotypical connotation, tomboy names for girls are not stereotypical and are more neutral in nature. Many celebrities have also used these names for their characters.

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