Top 5 Hair Styles For Tomboys

Tomboy hair styles can be very chic, especially if they have a cool hipster twist. They can catapult a person’s glam meter. Moreover, tomboy haircuts can be worn by any gender. They can be either classic or hipster, depending on the cut you choose. You can also combine different textures and lengths to create a gender-fluid hairstyle.

pixie haircuts

Pixie haircuts are a versatile choice for a tomboy. They look good with curly, wavy, or straight hair. However, they are more flattering when hair is thick and curly. If hair is thin and straight, styling products will be needed. Pixie haircuts can be styled with spray or gel.

A tomboy can sport short or long hair with this style. The length depends on the face shape and bone structure. For example, a boy may prefer a shorter style than a girl with a shorter face. However, a short haircut can still be very stylish and flattering.

Pixie haircuts for tomboys are versatile and easy to maintain. These haircuts can be styled for formal or casual occasions. A short hairstyle is more convenient to maintain than a long one and doesn’t interfere with athletic pursuits. The shorter style also doesn’t require constant teasing and is easier to style.

Whether you want to go for a simple pixie style with a blunt or sharp bang, you’ll find that a pixie is versatile and flattering on any face shape. Choppy bangs can also add extra sass to any look.

This cut is perfect for tomboys with thick, wavy, or curly hair. You can get a shaved back and sides for a more masculine look. You can also choose a long fringe with this style to add extra flair to your look.

long fringe

Long fringe hairstyles for tomboys are a great way to add some flair to your haircut. Whether your hair is curly, straight, or even wavy, this type of cut works for a variety of looks. This type of cut is incredibly versatile and easy to style.

If you have thick, voluminous, or wavy hair, this cut will fit the bill. The short shaved back and longer sides will give you a voluminous look. This look will look very sexy and elegant. This cut can be done using various styling tools, including a curling iron.

If you want a cut that suits a wide-brimmed face, you can try a shaved bob. This look works well with a variety of outfits. It can also be combined with a pixie undercut for a modern twist.

Short fringe haircuts are another versatile option. A pixie with an extended bang can look playful and lightweight. You can also add some shine and gloss to your hair by using a shine serum. Adding a textured cut with clippers is another option. Stacking layers will give the cut more definition and structure.

Another way to make your fringe look longer is to style your fringes. This will give you a more feminine look while still keeping your hairstyle simple. This hairstyle works for many people, so you should try one and see how you feel.


Whether you want a bold look or subtle highlights, balayage can add instant personality to your hair. A light blonde color is an excellent choice to complement your natural hair tone. Short hair is also a great candidate for balayage, and balayage highlights can help add dimension to a plain cut.

Balayage is a popular way to add dimension to a tomboy style. It is an ideal choice for blondes, especially those who want a dramatic change. To make the balayage look more dramatic, try adding darker highlights to your roots. For the ultimate transformation, try a non-banal ash or creamy blonde shade.

Another popular tomboy style is the voluminous bowl cut. While this style is not suitable for people with round faces, it is a perfect choice for someone with thin or coarse hair. In addition to being versatile, this hairstyle also offers a blonde fringe that will complete your tomboy style.

Tomboys can also opt for balayage highlights in their hair, as it creates a more natural look than traditional highlights. This style is also very low-maintenance, and the results can last for months without needing frequent salon touch-ups. The best part about balayage is that it is suitable for all ages and skin tones.


A mullet hairstyle is a great choice for a tomboy with short hair. It will complement the woman’s soft feminine features. A mullet is not just a simple boy cut; it can also be styled with layers, layered tops, and chunky highlights to give it a more sophisticated look.

This style can be worn for any occasion, and looks good with any outfit. You can pair this mullet with distressed denim and a layered shirt. It will definitely make a statement. The mullet has returned on band extensions. For an extra touch of glam, consider getting an ornate hair tattoo in the temple area. This will cover the receding hairline and add volume to the forehead.

This style is the most popular tomboy haircut among girls. It is often combined with a shag, which is why it is often referred to as a shaglet or muller shag. It is easy to maintain and looks great on many young girls.

A mullet can be cut to look like a mohawk, or it can be styled like a pompadour. It can be short and tidy, or it can be very messy and unruly. It is important to remember that messy does not mean disorder. It can also be styled to look more sophisticated. There are so many options when it comes to a mullet that you can choose the right one for your personality.


The undercut haircut is a popular choice for tomboy hairstyles. It is short, striking, and easy to maintain. It is also a great option for people who have naturally thick and wavy hair. In this style, the back is shaved short, but the sides and fringe are left longer.

The undercut hairstyle for a tomboy is a versatile cut that can be styled in many different ways. It is especially popular with those who have square or oval faces, as it helps hide the width of the face and slims the face. You can also add volume to make it look thicker.

Another popular cut is the buzzcut. This style involves short sides, but long top and fringe. It is a great choice for a summertime or tropical climate. It’s breezy, fun, and stylish. This style is often paired with bangs for an updated look. This style allows you to add styling products without compromising the look. Adding some complementary colors will make your hair look even more edgier. The best part is that you don’t need to put a lot of effort into your hairstyle.

There are many styles of tomboy short hair. Despite being short, this style is a great option for men and women with soft, feminine features. Whether your hair is short or long, tomboy haircuts are a great middle ground between traditional styles and modern cuts. These styles can be simple or complex, and can include fringes, tapered edges, and volume to create a unique look. You can also experiment with different colors and textures in this style.

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