Top 5 Hairstyles For Tomboys

A simple hairstyle for tomboys is the slick-back. This style gives you a reserved and collected look. It is very easy to manage and works for any occasion. Slick-back hairstyles are perfect for tomboys because they are very simple and versatile.

Short tomboy haircut

If you have thick, wavy, or naturally voluminous hair, a short tomboy haircut may be right for you. This cut is short on the back and side, with longer fringe and sides. The style is sexy, versatile, and easy to keep clean. A short tomboy haircut is the perfect choice for tomboys and women who like to be in control of their looks.

The short tomboy haircut is an incredibly versatile cut that will suit a variety of hair colors. Aubergine highlights with a dark undertone look beautiful, and silky blue hair looks fantastic with fair skin and dark eyes. A short tomboy cut can be done with silver or bronze balayage to add a cool, icy note to your look.

Another popular short tomboy haircut is the pixie. This style is flattering for girls with round faces. The short length falls just above the collarbone when brushed. This style is easy to maintain, requiring little to no styling. This hairstyle is also ideal for girls with thin, wavy, or curly hair.

A short tomboy haircut is great for girls who are busy or don’t want to spend hours maintaining their hairstyle. Depending on the style, they can opt for a messy or sleek look. Another popular short tomboy haircut is the undercut, which involves shaving the top portion of the hair longer than the sides. This style is versatile enough to work for both formal and informal settings.

Shaggy short bob

A Shaggy short bob hairstyle is perfect for tomboys. It has a flirty edge with feathered bangs falling over one eye. Suitable for men and women of all ages, this hairstyle can be worn by boys and girls with different hair types.

The shaggy bob has lots of styling options. It is perfect for tomboys and girls with round and oval faces because it hides the face’s width and makes the hair appear thicker. It also suits thin and fine hair. Shaggy short bobs are versatile, so you can experiment with them to suit your face shape. For example, you can add layers to one side to cover the forehead, or keep the hair longer in front to add volume to it.

Shaggy short bobs are also suitable for girls with round faces. They also look great with balayage highlights. To add a touch of femininity, a fancy headband can be worn. A chocolate brown base with balayage highlights works perfectly with this hairstyle.

The shaggy short bob is a versatile style that will work for any face shape or hair color. Shag haircuts can also be made more feminine by adding bangs. A chin length shaggy bob with bangs is also a versatile and flattering style for women with fine or flat hair.

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is a versatile style that suits curly, wavy, and straight hair. However, it works best on thick, wavy hair. If you have thin hair, this style may require a lot of styling products, like gel and hair spray. If you’re planning on sporting this style, it will also make it easy for you to experiment with different traditional styles.

Modern pixies are often styled with long, side bangs or angled side fringe. These styles can also be updated with spiky, choppy layers and undercuts. You can also try a different hair color to give the look a new twist.

For women with curly hair, the pixie cut is an easy choice. It looks sexy and beautiful with minimal effort. It can be styled with an undercut and a few tousled curls on the root. If you have a face with a straight or angular shape, a curly pixie cut will add a stunning effect.

A pixie cut gives you a casual, rocker-chic look. For a themed event, a sky blue feathered pixie can be the perfect choice. With full bangs and a softer, more sophisticated look, a pixie cut is also easier to maintain than a long style. A pixie cut also won’t interfere with your athletic activities.


The Mullet is a versatile hairstyle that can be modified to suit your personal preferences and style. You can go for a faded side look or a layered look with peekaboo blondes. A mullet is ideal for young boys, but it’s not just for boys. It also works for girls.

For girls, a mullet can look very feminine. For boys, a shorter mullet is also a great option. Women can also go for short mullets, although you have to be very careful with the cut. Short mullets are best for fine hair. Otherwise, it can make your hair appear too thick. Mullets in purple color are particularly attractive, adding a rocker vibe to a tomboy’s look.

This tomboy hairstyle works well with shaved hair. It conceals the width of your face and makes your face appear slimmer. It’s easy to style, too. If you have thick hair, you can wear it up with a few layers to give it volume and give it a softer look.

Another modern style of the mullet is the shaglet. It’s a combination of the mullet and the shag. Its short form is also known as muller shag.

High ponies

A high pony hairstyle for tomboys is a classic look that is ideal for a school-aged girl. This style is simple and easy to maintain. First, brush the hair and pull it back into two pony tails. Next, tie the two ends together with an elastic. Once tied, the hair will be neat and tidy. It will also enhance the cuteness of your little girl. This hairstyle will look great on little girls with curly hair and all face shapes.

Another fun and simple pony hairstyle for girls is a half-up, half-down style. This look can be enhanced with big bows or colorful elastics. It allows the girl to show off her face without letting her hair get in the way. This hairstyle is also a good choice for girls with long hair because it allows them to keep it out of their faces. However, some girls struggle to keep their hair contained in a ponytail.

Another nontraditional pony hairstyle for girls is a high braid. Pull through braids can be tied through the hair, which can make the hairstyle appear larger and more dramatic. A large bow will also help hide any imperfections in the style.

Texturizing spray

A dry texturizing spray will add extra texture and grit to limp hair for an easy-to-create deconstructed look. Unlike other styling products, a texturizing spray will not weigh down hair and leave behind a film. To achieve the desired look, spray the hair dry and let it air dry.

Before applying a texturizing spray, be sure to check its label. Not all of them are created equal. Some will add extra shine, while others will create a matte finish. Choose one that suits your hair type and texture. Also make sure to read the ingredients label carefully to make sure it’s safe for you.

Fine hair can be difficult to style because it has a high slip factor. Texturizing spray will add extra grip to fine hair, preventing it from falling out of an updo or braid. For best results, apply the spray on clean hair before styling it. Texturizing spray is also great for adding volume. Spray it along the scalp area in horizontal sections. Then, backcomb the hair to create layers and add volume.

Texturizing sprays are available for all hair types. Some of them have a mild scent, while others have strong ones. If you have a sensitive scalp, choose a product that doesn’t contain fragrance.

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