Top 5 Names For Tomboys

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect name for your tomboy-in-training, here are some names that might work. These names are boyish and masculine but sound cute for your little one. If you’re looking for a name that means “rocky land,” try Harlan, which means “rocky land.” Another adorable tomboy’s name is Iris, which means “messenger of Zeus.” Some cute tomboy names are Ava and Owen, which mean “elf ruler.” You can also consider Skylar, Madison, and Owen.


Emerson is an increasingly popular gender-neutral unisex name. The name has Germanic roots and means “son of Emery.” Although traditionally used for boys, Emerson has become more common among girls. It also means “strong or brave.” In the past, it was more commonly used for boys, but today it’s a name that parents can use for both boys and girls.

Emerson is a borrowed form of the English surname Emery, which means “son of Emery.” This name came to England from the Norman French and had Germanic roots. The name Emery, which comes from the Germanic “Amalric” (amal), means “brave,” and “rich” (a powerful) means “son of a brave and powerful one.” In the 13th century, the name became anglicized to Emmerich and became a patronymic surname.

The Emerson name has a traditional style and a modern popularity index. This name is equally suitable for boys and girls and can be combined with biblical middle names for a more gender-neutral option. Emerson is a favorite of celebrities and is becoming increasingly popular as a girl’s name.


Evan is a boy’s name with a girlish side. The name is of Welsh origin and means “the Lord is gracious.” Evan was given a feminine touch by the actress Evan Rachel Wood, who went by the name Evanna. Other options for this name include Evanna and Evie.

Evan is a popular boy’s name, although it is also used for girls. The name is derived from the Welsh form of the name Ioannes, a name found in the Bible. Evan is a popular boy’s name in the United States and is on the top 125 list of baby boy names.

Depending on where you live, Evan can also be a good choice for a girl. This name has Hebrew roots and means “rock.” Although this name is more often used for boys, it is gaining popularity as a girl’s name. Evan was among the top 100 boys’ names for over twenty years, but it dropped to the 105th spot this year. The highest point was in 2009 when Evan was ranked number 35.


Lulu is a name for girls that sounds like a little girl. It’s a cute and informal name that’s perfectly fine for a younger girl but may need to be revised for an older girl. The name is famous for both boys and girls, but you’ll probably want to use it carefully.

It’s a name that’s unusual for baby girls. As of 1900, only 0.062% of baby girls were given the name, ranking #227. Since then, the popularity of the term has dipped dramatically. Lucy was the most popular girl name in 2018, while Lulu has fallen noticeably.

Lulu is a diminutive of Luise and has Arabic and Swahili origins. It means “beautiful.” The name was also used to refer to a renowned female warrior.


Consider Cleo if you are looking for a name that would appeal to both boys and girls. This gender-neutral name comes from an ancient Greek verb that means “to celebrate or make famous.” This word has also been used in the titles of several antiquated figures, such as kings and queens. Cleopatra is the best-known example of this usage. The term is also a synonym for “to make beautiful.”

The name “Cleo” is not uncommon for girls and boys. It has traditionally been popular in the US but has recently risen in popularity in France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. While it started as a unisex name, its popularity has skewed more toward girls in the US since the 19th century.

The name Cleo may sound classic and old-fashioned, but it is also stylish and fun. This name is also a classic choice for tomboys. It has a vintage feel and is not too overtly feminine. It feels like a natural choice for a daughter and has become popular among many parents.


While this name may sound fantastic, it’s only suitable for some tomboys. Those with trouble identifying their name may want to consider other options. Django is associated with a famous Roma musician, Django Reinhardt, who was one of Europe’s first notable jazz talents. Another name associated with a Roma musician is Drafi, often related to the Sinti singer Drafi Deutscher and pianist Drafi Kalman.

While Django is not a popular baby boy name, it is used extensively in Australia. The name is derived from the indigenous Djangu tribe in Australia. Django is a name with a masculine connotation and is also associated with unusual, wacky sex.


Piper is an English name that can refer to both boys and girls. It is often used as a first name. Like many tomboy names, Piper is an exciting and fun choice for a girl. The term can be pronounced in several ways, and it’s a favorite amongst parents who want their daughters to stand out.

Another great tomboy is “Ally,” from the English names Alison and Alice. Both are familiar names in England, and “Ally” means “to praise.” A tomboy would also like a name from the biblical Bible called “Navy,” which means “sea.” Another popular name for a tomboy is “Noa,” which means “motion.” It’s a good choice for a tomboy.

Piper has many meanings, including “pipe” and “flute.” Both are unisex and come from English and Romanian origins. Historically, the name was used only for girls but is now popular among boys too.


Bobbie’s names for tomboys are both feminine and masculine. Bobbie might be a good choice if your child has a female character. This name is a fusion of both genders, with the latter slightly more feminine than the former. However, it should not be confused with Bob, the feminine version of the latter.

If you are having trouble choosing the right girly name, consider one of these alternatives. One of these is Dylan, which was once considered a boy’s name, but is now quite famous for girls. Dylan is of Welsh origin, meaning influencer and born of the sea. Despite being feminine, Dylan also makes for an excellent tomboy name.

Another fun name for tomboys is Mickey. It has a playful tone and is often used as a nickname for Michaela. Like Michaela, Mickey has a Hebrew origin and means “god-like.” Try Navy if you are looking for a name with a nautical feel. It is pronounced just like the traditional male name Noah. Noa is a popular girl’s name in Israel and means “motion.” Former Big Brother star Kate Lawler’s daughter is named Noa.


If you’re looking for a unique name for a tomboy, look no further than the name Chase. This playful name evokes a playful, spunky vibe and is a versatile choice for a boy or girl. With a contemporary feel, it can easily be pronounced and spelled correctly. This name is a versatile choice for a go-getter and can easily be lengthened with the middle name of Chasen.

Historically, Chase was not a particularly popular name, but it was trendy in the late 1800s. Between 1885 and 1912, it ranked between the 2,000th and 4,000th most common boy names in the United States. The name was popular during this period but steadily declined during the next decade.

The name Chase was initially given to hunters during the Middle Ages and is now one of the most popular boys’ names in the United States. While it has traditionally been given to boys, it is now becoming a more edgy option for little girls. The name is also available in variants such as Chace, Chayse, and Chayce.

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