Top 5 Tomboy Braid Hairstyles For Boys

For boys, various styles can create a fun and unique look. A voluminous bowl cut is not for round faces, but if you want to give a 90s short hairstyle a modern touch, try an ashy blond color. This color is very versatile and can make many different styles.

Mohawk undercut

If you want to flaunt your bleached blonde locks, a Mohawk undercut is perfect for showing them off. This short haircut is simple, easy to maintain, and very sexy. This style also goes well with glasses and a trendy outfit.

It is the perfect hairstyle for round or oval-shaped faces. The short length helps to hide the width of the face and slim the face. The shaved look also gives the illusion of having thicker hair but ensures enough volume to get a voluminous look.

The Mohawk hairstyle comes from the Mohawk tribe, a group of indigenous North Americans that initially lived in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. It also has an association with Hollywood, thanks to the 1939 film Drums Along the Mohawk starring Henry Fonda.

Another hairstyle that looks fantastic with tomboy braids is a short Mohawk undercut. This short haircut is versatile and can be worn for various occasions. It can be layered, textured, or fast.

Bob braids

Try a braided bob if you want to change your look without completely re-doing your hair. This hairstyle is very versatile and flatters almost any face shape. If you have short hair, braiding it with a side part will make it appear slimmer.

You can experiment with different braid colors and styles. These braids look elegant and add a touch of class to the bob haircut. You can also try a brown-toned braid for a warmer touch. This type of bob braid looks great on women with a pale complexion. This hairstyle will be a perfect match for a boho or ’90s look.

Consider adding gold beads to your bob braid hairstyle if you have blonde hair. These beads add a touch of elegance to this hairstyle. Platinum blonde hair will also look great with a color-changing braid. And if you’re looking for a way to spice up your bob braid, consider adding blue eye shadow. This eye shadow appears to be black but is blue.

A medium-sized bob braid is a popular choice for most women. This hairstyle can be styled with or without a part. You can also add a side part for a soft, feminine look.

Strawberry blonde cropped hairdo

Adding strawberry blonde hair color to your strands is an easy way to add dimension to any look. You can also add a hint of freckles to make the shade even more vibrant. For a classic look, a chin-length bob can frame your face perfectly. Alternatively, you can opt for a layered hairstyle, which gives your strawberry-blonde tresses a more textured look.

This cut can also be worn at an asymmetric length, accentuating your body curves. You can use a straightener to give it a sleek finish or leave it au naturel. This hairstyle can be worn with any color and will flatter a variety of facial shapes.

A short blonde hairstyle is an excellent choice for confident girls who want to flaunt their hair. It highlights the facial features and is extremely easy to style. You can use unique hair products to achieve the look. It also works well for natural blondes and provides a slightly mysterious appearance. It complements cheekbones nicely and adds volume to the strands. Adding front bangs makes a girl look more feminine, while messy waves add a touch of charm to the look.

Strawberry blonde balayage

Strawberry blonde hair is a warm shade of blonde with hints of peach and champagne. The blonde hair color is flattering on both cool and warm complexions. You can experiment with this trendy hair color to create a unique look. The color is perfect for both summer and fall. You can wear your strawberry blonde locks down or braided in a ponytail to make them stand out.

Strawberry blonde is a beautiful shade if you’re a fan of balayage. It pairs well with reddish skin and looks gorgeous on long hair. Those with fair skin can also try strawberry blonde balayage to make their locks look warmer and shinier.

Strawberry blonde highlights can also complement lighter or darker blonde hair. They are a balancing factor, bringing out the warmth and brightness of blonde locks. They also enhance the length and texture of hair while preserving the uniformity of the style. They can also add a touch of understated glamour to your style. However, strawberry blonde highlights are only suitable for some complexions.

Strawberry blonde balayage can also be worn on a bob haircut to give it a layered effect. It will add a touch of wavy texture to your hair while keeping it healthy. You can also add a fringe to the bob’s top to frame your face. Strawberry blonde balayage is a beautiful color combination for summer and incredibly versatile.

Dark brown tomboy haircut

A dark brown tomboy haircut is a bold and attractive style that is easy to maintain. It works well with various hair colors but is particularly striking with a dark brown color with reddish or caramel undertones. A long fringe adds extra oomph to this style. This style also flatters square-faced women, as it accentuates the features of this type of face.

Despite its boyish appearance, this cut is surprisingly chic and feminine. It can also show off a rebellious streak. This hairstyle can highlight your style if worn with an elegant cocktail dress. It also boasts a lot of personalities, making it perfect for casual or business occasions.

Women of all ages and ethnicities can wear a dark brown tomboy haircut. It is versatile and can be worn with any ensemble. A pixie can easily be styled with hair gel or hair spray. This haircut can be styled into a wavy look or left messy, depending on your personality and the occasion.

Alternatively, a tomboy style can be created with short layers on one side. These will create extra volume and frame the face. A layered top will add volume to thin hair.


A short haircut is a perfect choice for tomboys, and a pixie cut with a long fringe is another attractive option. These haircuts are versatile and allow for lots of experimentation. They also look great with silver or bronze balayage. You can also opt for a sexy cut with long bangs and short sides.

Another option is a choppy tomboy haircut that gives you an instant makeover. This shortcut allows for easy styling, as there are no frizzing or sweating issues. You can add a little shine to the short hairstyle by adding a serum.

Another shortcut for tomboys is a side-parted crop. The crop is shorter than a fade and offers plenty of hair in the front. A side-parted crop looks chic and is easy to maintain. It also gives you a youthful edge and goes with most hair types.

Tomboy hairstyles are versatile and complement a woman’s soft, feminine features. Whether you want to make a bold statement or want to have fun, a tomboy haircut can make you look amazing. A tomboy style is a great way to spruce up a dull image. The cut is versatile and will fit into any environment.

Silver shades

A classic tomboy haircut is a perfect choice for curly hair. This cut is short and has significant volume. You can add curls with a curling iron to look more feminine. This style works best with brown hair and is both sexy and elegant.

These hairstyles are easy to maintain and look chic and effortless. They are versatile and can accommodate many different styles and textures. The layered look looks particularly remarkable on both men and women. Adding layers to a tomboy style will help reduce unnecessary bulk and add definition and color. This style also works well for older women. It is a great way to showcase your personality.

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