Top 5 Tomboy Hairstyles For Girls

For a cute and versatile haircut for a girl, try the tomboy haircut. This style is short and can give a girl a feminine and masculine look at the same time. Miley Cyrus, for example, has a short tomboy haircut. Her short style draws attention to her face and contrasts it with her soft, feminine features. This haircut is extremely versatile and can even be styled with a beautiful blonde fringe.

Curly tomboy haircut

If your girl has wild, curly hair, you might consider a curly tomboy haircut. This haircut is easy to manage and requires little styling. It can be worn long with a fringe for variety. You can choose different styles depending on the occasion, but this style is perfect for wild, wavy hair.

This haircut is easy to maintain and can be dyed any color. Besides being simple to maintain, it also looks perfect. The hair on the sides and back is shorter than the hair on the top. This style looks great on round and rectangular faces, and goes well with tanned skin.

Another tomboy hairstyle for girls is a messy one. This type of haircut is easy to style and looks great on most hair types. It goes well with both wavy and straight hair. It is also great for girls with cool undertones and round faces. It also requires minimal styling time and can be worn in either formal or casual settings.

For girls with dark brown hair, a tomboy haircut in a dark shade of brown will add a bold and dramatic look. This style also works great with silver gray dye. It gives off an air of easy-going, carefree person. A tomboy with this color will look perfect with anything.

A tomboy with a fringe can add volume without creating a bulky look. It can add dimension to thin hair and frame the face.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut for girls is a feminine and versatile style. It can be cut short or layered. A layered cut is easy to maintain and can be great for thick hair. A styling product or blow-drying will help keep the style in place. If your daughter has thick hair, a layered cut may be a good option.

A pixie cut has long layers with a deep side parting. It makes a girl look feminine and sophisticated. The layered sides of a pixie cut can give a girl a sexy, sophisticated look. In addition, it allows the hair to rest without needing too much styling.

A tomboy cut is also a great option for thick hair. If your hair is naturally curly, a side part adds extra volume to it. It also blends in with the tomboy style. It can be short or long and can be cut with fringe.

This short cut is easy to maintain and can be versatile. It is best for thick, full hair and can work for both boys and girls. It is also perfect for girls with round faces because it makes them look younger. It is also a fun haircut to wear, so make sure to have fun with it!

A pixie cut for girls can be sophisticated or childish. It is easy to maintain and looks great with the right styling. It can also feature longer bangs on the sides of the face or even an edgy fringe with a trendy choker.


A buzzcut is a great tomboy haircut for girls, especially if you want to create a messy, edgy look. This style requires very little hair product, and is easy to maintain. It has a rough, messy look that can be sexy and chic. Depending on the length of the hair, you may want to add a curling iron for extra volume.

A tomboy cut is not just for girls, though! Even some older girls can rock a tomboy cut. The actress, Winona Ryder, has impeccable taste, and her hair is a good fit for this style. It’s a great haircut for girls, because it allows the hair to grow naturally without constant styling.

Not so long ago, girls wearing tomboy haircuts were extremely rare. Many people thought that girls should wear their hair long. However, maintaining long tresses requires a lot of time and money. Not to mention that high-quality hair care products are not cheap. Even a simple daily routine can take hours to maintain.

A tomboy haircut can look modern, stylish, and versatile. You can have your hair cut long or short, or you can opt for a short top with a long fringe. A tomboy cut does not require a lot of hair product, and it will not make you look too manly or womanly. Even if you have round or oval-shaped face, this hairstyle can still be a great choice.

A tomboy haircut will look great with many hair colors. You can even add a splash of color with aubergine highlights or darker undertones. These colors look great with fair skin or dark eyes.

90s short hairstyle

If you’re looking for a cute, short tomboy hairstyle for girls, the 90s are the style for you. This short style will keep you cool and breezy on a hot summer day. Wear it with a middle part and crimped roots for an authentic ’90s look. You can also try rocking two different shades of hair to add edginess and coolness to your style.

Another popular cut is the undercut, which can look both outrageously tomboyish and unpredictably feminine. It’s especially cute on girls with long hair. The Mohawk, which features a shaved back and sides, is a variation of this look. Those with longer hair may want to try a shorter version of this style. However, if you’re looking for a more feminine look, go for a longer hairstyle.

A long bob with curls is also a cute, easy hairstyle for girls. This long bob style is also easy to maintain and can be dyed to add a pop of color. Another popular hairstyle from the ’90s is the pixie, which was made famous by Winona Ryder. This style is very versatile and can be achieved by any woman.

If you have thin hair, you can try a tomboy haircut with side bangs. These styles look beautiful with minimal effort. You can also add some creative elements to them, such as a textured bob pixie or a rebellious mohawk. You can even add some layers of thick hair at the sides to create a cool, volumized pixie. If you’re a woman with curly hair, you can also try a asymmetrical style, which creates a striking effect. This look can also highlight features of an angular face.

If you’re trying to refresh your image, a short tomboy haircut might be perfect for you. It will give you a youthful look, and give you a rebellious edge. It’s also great for balancing out your face shape and messy crown.

90s afro

There are many different ways to achieve a 90s afro tomboy haircut on a girl. First, you can dye your hair raven black, if you wish. This style is quite striking, but you’ll have to adjust your makeup to look your best. Another option is to leave your hair natural. This gives the look a soft feel.

This style looks great on girls with a square face, and it’s also a good option for girls with short hair. However, this style is not suited to girls with rounded faces. If you have long hair, consider opting for a short bob with bangs or a pixie undercut. These styles are easy to maintain, and they can be dyed to give a pop of color.

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