What Are Some Tomboy Girl Names?

What are some common tomboy girl names? In this article, you’ll learn the origins, meanings, and nicknames of the most popular tomboy girls’ names. These names are perfect for a little girl who wants to be a little tomboy.

Common tomboy girl names

You have many options when you want to name your daughter a tomboy. You can choose a name with a masculine meaning, such as Michaela, or something whimsical and girly, such as Mickey. A boy can also be named after a tomboy, and if you’re looking for a boy name that will stand out, consider Carsyn.

Another famous tomboy’s name is Sam. Since the 1950s, Sam has become a popular first name for both boys and girls. Famous tomboys include Samantha Brown, an author, and television personality. Other great tomboy girl names are Stephanie and Phoenix. Stephanie comes from Scotland and means “crowned little queen.”

The first letter of Geri means “to rule with a spear.” It’s an unusual choice for a tomboy, but it’s also an acceptable choice. It also has a pretty ring and is a great nickname for a tomgirl. In addition to Geri, two other popular tomboy girl names are Geri and Henrietta.

Other popular names for girls that are popular for tomboys include Blakely, which means “dark meadow.” Another great choice is Boe, which means “live.” This name can also be shortened to Becky. Another great tomboy name is Evan, which comes from a Welsh name, Lifan, which means ‘god is good. Evan also means ‘young warrior’ in Celtic.

Another ordinary tomgirl girl’s name is Andie, which has a naughty sound. A common Andrea nickname is Andie, a Greek name meaning “virility.” Another girl’s name is Alex, a shortened form of Alexia, which is also a good choice. In addition, Bea, which means “happy” in Latin, is an excellent choice.

Another choice for a tomboy girl is Finley, which is a Scottish and Irish place name. The meaning of this name is “fair-haired hero.” It’s an anglicized version of Fionnlagh, which means “white-haired hero.” This name originated in Ireland and has become popular since the 90s, but its etymology is unknown. Finley is still a good choice for parents looking for a cool girl name despite its cuteness.

Although Jordan was famous as a baby name in the early 1900s, it has since fallen out of favor. While it has recently returned to popularity, it’s been used mainly as a girl’s name. Although Jordan was previously a boy name, it’s a more tomboy-friendly option.


If your child is playful and adventurous, a name with a tomboy or rebellious flair can be a great choice. These names are not only stylish but also have meaningful meanings. These names can also be shortened to cute nicknames. Some popular tomboy girl names are Harper, Sailor, and Scout.

Tomboy girl names tend to be unisex and lack frilly girl name suffixes. These names may be unisex and may include a male suffix, such as -ton (meaning “town”) or -son (meaning “son of”). A tomboy girl’s name may be a good choice if your daughter is a tomboy.

Tomboy girl names can be derived from Scottish and Irish names. For example, Sutton’s English name hints at a “southern homestead.” The Scottish name Camden is a feminine version of Camden, which means “winding valley.” A tomboy girl can also be nicknamed Wes, and a feminine form of Toby is Teddy.

Other popular tomboy girl names include Geri, derived from the word of a famous Spice Girl. Geri is an English name that means “rules with a spear.” A female version of Geri is Geraldine. Another cool gender-neutral name, Harri, comes from Germany and means “ruler of the home.”

Many names have a tomboy connotation, ranging from the classic to the obscure. A tomboy girl’s name might have roots in the reggae legend Bob Marley, as his partner was named Jacob Marley. Alternatively, parents may choose to use the name as a nickname. These names are perfect for those seeking an alternative to a feminine name.

The term “tomboy” was initially used to describe boisterous boys. Its first use in the Oxford English Dictionary dates back to 1567. The term’s popularity was boosted during the 20th century as playground advocate Joseph Lee claimed that the “tomboy” phase was crucial for children’s physical development between the ages of 8 and thirteen. Its popularity lasted through World War I and the Second World War.

Although tomboy girls are predominantly female, tomboys can also identify as transgender or non-binary. However, it is essential to use the correct pronouns when addressing a tomboy.


The origins of tomboy girl names can be rooted in the gender stereotypes of the 1950s and early 1960s when characters with strong personalities were labeled tomboys. The developing “Girl Power” movement in the 1980s diluted the stereotype by creating images of women who did not have to sacrifice their femininity.

Popular tomboy girl names come from several European origins. Some are of Scottish origin. For example, Mason means “stoneworker.” Other English names include “Glenn,” “Grace,” and “Kacey.” In addition, you can find the English word “Glenn,” which means “valley.” Andra means “narrow” but is rarely used as a full name.

Another great tomboy girl’s name is Cleo, short for Cleopatra. Some tomboy girl names are also of Native American origin. Shawnee means “southern” and can be shortened to “Shawn” or “Kiara.” Consider names from Celtic or Scottish traditions. Those from the British Isles can include Brody, which means “island.” Welsch dialect-related Evan means “God is gracious.”

The name Bailey comes from Irish origins. It can also be a nickname for Geraldine. While Bailey is not a very popular name, it’s a good choice for a tomboy girl. Similarly, Harri, a common gender-neutral name, is another tomboy name. It means “ruler of the home.” Avery has also been a popular choice for tomboy girls.

Tomboy’s origins can be traced back to the early sixteenth century when the term was used to refer to a boisterous youth. It was initially used to refer to a boy but soon became a reference to a girl. The time became popular in literature and art in the early nineteenth century. The name was even used for a fictional character in a popular Korean anime series, Pucca.

Tomboy girl names come from several European and Asian origins. For example, the English name Austin means “great.” In Hebrew, Ezra means “helper,” Rory is an Irish name that means “famous ruler.” Other names for tomboy girls include Bethany, which means “mother of Bethlehem,” and Judith, which means “woman of the lord.”

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