What is a Tomboy Name?

If you are looking for a name that’s perfect for your little tomboy, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some popular names for boys and girls of all genders. You can even try a gender-neutral name, such as Harri, if you want. Harri is a German name that means “home ruler.”


Waverly is a great choice for a girl who wants a name that evokes adventure and adventurer. This name is very versatile and is an excellent choice for a tomboy. It has many options for spelling and is also available as a unisex name, Carsyn. This name is appropriate for both girls and boys and will appeal to any parent who is looking for a name that reflects her own personality.

A girl who chooses the name Waverly will likely be a thoughtful, analytical and artistic individual with a sharp analytical mind. They have a knack for moving events and people around to make them the way they want them to be. They may even bring perfect people into their lives. This type of behavior can lead to constant revelations.

Waverly has an interesting history and is an uncommon first name. It was first used in 1814 by Sir Walter Scott. The novel was anonymously published and was the first of the Waverly Collection. It is also the name of the daughter of Wesley and Buttercup in the Disney film The Princess Bride. It is also the name of a character in The Joy Luck Club, which was originally named after a street in San Francisco.


Although Bellamy has long been a popular surname, the name was not a big hit until it made the transition from surname to given name in the 1990s. In 1993, it barely registered on the U.S. SSA charts for girls. It was only given to five girls a year, but by 2003, it was given to 23 girls. Since then, Bellamy has been a popular name for both boys and girls.

Bellamy is a name that evokes feelings of independence and self-sufficiency. It suggests an individual who is independent and serious, yet also graceful, psychic, and spiritual. Bellamy people aren’t necessarily outgoing, but they don’t hide their feelings from anyone. They’re likely to be aloof and don’t enjoy spending time with other people, but they love to indulge in luxury.

Bellamy is a stylish name for boys and girls alike. It’s on-trend but not too trendy. It’s a modern name with deep roots.


Clover is a masculine name with a feminine ring. It denotes a person with the gift of gab. These people are expressive, outgoing, and inspiring. They are also incredibly creative and can explain complicated ideas in simple terms. They are also very independent.

While Rose and Lily are more ladylike, Clover evokes an image of a daffodil. Its etymology traces back to the eighteenth century, where the phrase ‘in clover’ meant that a person was financially well set and prosperous. The plant is an important part of the diet of animals, such as cows, and is a favorite food for butterflies.

Another tomboy-friendly name is Ally. Originally a girl’s name, it has a strong sense of style and diversity. It was chosen by Jennifer Connelly for her son. Bobbie, on the other hand, is a short form of Barbara, the Roman Catholic saint who protected against lightning and fire. It’s also a common choice in many European countries.


Dallas is a male name with Scottish roots that has maintained a moderate position in the charts over the past century. Dallas is also a place name, which makes it ideal for parents seeking a nature-inspired name for their baby. Place names are typically favored for little girls but are occasionally found on the male naming charts. Other examples of place names that are used as a boy’s name include Austin, Kingston, Phoenix, and Zion.

The Scottish Gaelic name Dallas means “valley house”. The name is related to meadows and valleys, which are natural areas with varied flora and fauna. Dallas is an excellent choice for both boys and girls and evokes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. As a result, it is a popular baby name for boys and girls.

Natives of this name are devoted to family, and often have a strong entrepreneurial streak. They may be known to be uncontrollable with money and time, but they are also dependable and loyal. People with the name Dallas are also likely to be very creative and enjoy doing arts and crafts. Moreover, these people love to spend time in nature, and they are often sensitive to the environment. They are likely to have many life partners over their lifetime.


Noa is a beautiful unisex name with many different meanings in different cultures. It can be used for a girl or a boy and it has been popular since the 1880s. Click the dots to find out more about this name. You can see the meaning of Noa in both cultures by scrolling down.

Noa comes from the Hebrew word “noa,” which means “movement.” It does not mean “rest,” but rather “movement.” In Japanese culture, it refers to freedom. It’s also used in Hawaii and Polynesia. Noa is a feminine, confident name.

Noa is a feminine version of Noah, a biblical name with Hebrew origins. It is also popular in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Israel. While the name is often mistaken for its male counterpart, Noa is actually a separate name from Noah. It derives from the Hebrew Noah and Noach, and is a popular choice in those countries.


Cleo is a unisex name with Greek origins. It means glory and is pronounced klee-oh. It is a popular name for girls and boys. The name is also a short form of the name Cleopatra, which means “Kleopatra”.

People with the name Cleo are positive, optimistic, easygoing, and enthusiastic. They are also good communicators and conversationalists. They tend to be loyal and generous to their partners, and are often great companions. They can also be very independent. If you’re considering Cleo as a baby girl name, keep these traits in mind.

Cleo has become a popular name for girls in the U.S., with 42,076 babies given the moniker in the past 64 years. In 1907, it ranked as the 172nd most common name among new parents. According to UN World Population Prospects, the island has a population of 40,939. Cleo first appeared in 1880, when 22 babies were given the name. In 1917, it ranked as the 50th most popular name in the United States and Wales. In 2015, it rose to the 80th spot in Sweden and ranked as a top-ten name for girls.

Cleo is a classically-inspired name with romantic connotations. It was first used in the 18th century in the south of England and in London. Charles Dickens used it for his fictional character Mrs Skewton. Cleo later became a more common independent name. It eventually surpassed Cleopatra as a top-tier choice. Famous Cleos included the actress Cleo Finch and the television series ER.


Geri is a girl’s name with a tomboy meaning. It indicates a friendly nature and social skills. Geri is naturally enthusiastic and will often encourage people when they are frustrated or down. She is also very adaptable and will adapt to any situation. She is also clear from the heart.

Geri is a first name that has English roots. It is very common for girls. The name has many spelling variations and is a diminutive of Gergely, Gergo, and Geraldine. Geri is also related to Old Turkic keru. While it is considered a tomboy name, it is not as uncommon as some other baby names.

A tomboy name with a classic charm, Geri is also a creative individual with a flair for design. She is an artist, storyteller, teacher, researcher, professor, or entrepreneur. Her creative mind and independent personality make Geri a great choice for any career. She is also witty and positive, and is known for her good nature.


A native of Sydney knows the value of hard work, and this characteristic is often reflected in their character. They are very ambitious but can sometimes lack self-control. They are also very organized. They often have strong interpersonal skills and a lot of friends. However, they can be shy. In vedic astrology, Sydney’s Rashi is Kumbha.

Sydney is a popular name for both boys and girls. Its origins are French and Old English. In French, it means ‘Saint Denis,’ while in English, the name comes from’sid’ meaning “wide” and ‘eg’ meaning “island”. Sydney is a name for boys and girls alike, and evokes a sense of creativity and adventure.

Sydney has traditionally been a boy’s name, but today it is more commonly used as a girl’s name. This name is of English and French origin and ranks #249 among the most popular baby girl names in the U.S. The name also has a long list of nicknames. Some of these include Cici, Cece, Nee, Penny, Sid, and Desyny.

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